Almost each and every big or small Organizations, business , Stars are using Facebook Pages to interact with Facebook users. Facebook Pages are the best and the most easy way to interact. Everyday millions of Fan Pages are getting created and billions are getting Liked by the users. But these days many peoples’ fan Pages are getting Hacked . Even we have found that Owner of Facebook’s page got hacked.

Facebook has given the users full power to report if they find any issue regarding Facebook but people are not able to find how to report an issue to Facebook. We would try and cover all the things in which people need help to report an issue to Facebook in the future but we are starting here using Facebook Pages. Please follow the steps below to report an issue to Facebook regarding Fan Pages.

1. Login  to your Facebook account.

2. Got to this [link]. You would see like the image given below:-

Here you can report all the problems you are Facing regarding Facebook Pages and even you can add screen shot for your problem. Now i would be describing you the steps report about the lost Fan Page and to recover it.

Steps to Recover Hacked  Facebook Fan Page

1. You should be able to satisfy Facebook and just telling Facebook that you “worked hard” on your Fan page will NOT cut it! .

2.   Fill out each of the below Facebook online support forms and include your personalized email template into the comment section of each one of these forms!/legal/copyright.php?copyright_notice=1

3.  If you don’t hear anything from Facebook after 5 business days from all of your inquiries and from using the email template above, you will want to issue a press release just like this:

  • There are a ton of FREE press releases services that you can use to get this out
  • We recommend using PRWeb ( ) This is a paid press release service and it will get the word out for you.
  • Your press release does not have to be perfect, it just needs to be accurate and you got to get the word out there!

Following these steps would certainly help you to recover your Facebook Page easily from Hackers. If you want us to help you or you want to know more about it, do comment below.