Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook with a single idea in his mind and that was to bring the world closer . He wanted people to talk and share knowledge , cultures , thoughts and end up respecting each other. He had started Facebook just in Harvard and had no idea back then that his idea will make bring in the top spot in the list of the richest people on the planet. Facebook has become a need to survive for the teenagers.

Facebook is soon gonna hit 1billion mark . Its present value is worth 85 bilion $. Facebook has made the world closer but has it made it FAKE ?

Social networking sites have made the world more anti social. The addiction of Facebook has overtaken all the addictions and it sometimes seems impossible for guys to live without social media for two weeks or more.  A survey held earlier stated that 40% of relationships break due to Facebook.

Has it become so necessary for all of us to give more importance to some stupid likes and comments than real people in real life. I personally find it pathetic to see people logging into their Facebook account just to check who liked their pic or status. Its clear that people who do such stupid things or spend all day on Facebook are the ones who don’t have a real life , real friends, no where to go or talk to. Its their loneliness that brings them to Facebook.

Why to blame Facebook for all this, we too are wrong all the way. Let me highlight my experiences with what girls and guys are up to these days on Facebook.

Boys : What to guys do on Facebook ? Most of them spend time going through the profiles of  girls looking up their pics or liking their pics or status just to please them no matter while doing so they are wondering how stupid things she writes or blah blah. Else they are busy poking or sending friend request to girls .

Guys take a moment and think of your actions. Is there any meaning to it. What if some random girls accepts your request and you chat with her for a while. This will not change a thing in the world. U need to get over this silly things, add meaning to your life and find a way to have a real life outside Facebook. Realise the waste of the time while you are on Facebook, make that time count. You may not agree with me right now, but you will one day when you look back after a year to realise that your Facebook account is the measure of the life you have missed over a year.

Girls : Girls Girls Girls !! Facebook is meant for u. You can get likes from a smiley to a word to a para. A superb line from a guy may be get some ten likes but a few words of a song from a girls profile is something like ” x,y,z and 42 other like this “. Girls well to be honest there is nothing to be proud of if your dp , status  get enormous likes as most of them are generally copied.

Yes you may often get your profiles flooded with friend request from guys, pokes from strangers, people wanting to talk to you. That may keep you too busy to realize what you are doing is not real but your life on net. Your interaction for fun sake with some guy online may have a effect on your real life relationship which often leads to misunderstanding out of jealousy. People are generally nice on social networking site but that does not define them.

Another big problem comes when people delete their friends, lovers and decide not to have them in their friends list just because of some misunderstanding that may have evolved due to some stupid chats and comments on Facebook. So please know how much is the role of Facebook in your life and treat it just like a website not a life support.

Relationships : As i mentioned earlier Facebook is responsible for 40% break up. That seems to be true. People should realize the fact that its not Facebook that is gonna be with them in time of need, but friends from real life. Be careful of your behavior online as everything is written in ink.

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