Now we do not have to search for Offers on Brands or products on internet as Facebook would soon be adding Offers on Facebook Pages. Every Facebook user would easily be able to grab and know about  any offer by visiting that brand page. This new update from Facebook would decline the search of offers on Google as people can simply open up the Brands’ page and see whats the best they can get off on and Grab it. In this short post I will  show you how Facebook Offers would like and how can you make the Best use of them.

Steps to Claim a Facebook Offer:-

1. Click on Get Offer from the story anywhere you see it on Facebook.

Facebook Adds Offer To Pages Facebook Adds Offers On Pages

2. Facebook would then send you email regarding the offer to your email id.

Facebook Adds Offer To Pages1 Facebook Adds Offers On Pages

3. You can redeem that offer by going to that email id and showing it to the staff through phone or by a soft copy.

Facebook Adds Offer To Pages2 Facebook Adds Offers On Pages

For getting Offers on Facebook you must like the Facebook Page of that Company or Brand or else you would not be able to know and get that offer.

You can even give a look at this quick video so that you can easily go through the new coming change on Facebook:-

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