Facebook has grown from a project hatched in a college to the been most used social networking service by worldwide monthly active users,well on its way to hitting its goal of having 1billion users. When the company goes public it will raise $10 billion, bringing its valuation to $100 billion. Facebook’s long-awaited IPO is likely to come in late May, according to a report.Citing “multiple sources,” All things  report that the social networking giant will go out IPO and  offer shares to the general public during the third week of May.

Facebook would go public in between April-June according to The Wall Street Journal.Facebook turning to IPO is probably the biggest anticipation of the 21st century in terms of company decisions. When it undergoes IPO Facebook will become the most valued company, even bigger than Apple in terms of Revenue.It finally made the move that was anticipated by many economist and tech enthusiasts.

facebook ipo. Facebook IPO Will Make The Company Worth $100 billion

Mark Zuckerberg said on numerous occasions that Facebook will eventually undertake IPO and they are heading towards that goal. These initial public offerings took Wall Street by storm as they raked in billions of dollars With the release of the Timeline for all Facebook users and the introduction of brand new open graph Apps, I think this is the perfect time for them to go public.The timing of Facebook’s IPO has been a source of speculation for the past few months since the $100 billion offering will likely be one of the 10 biggest IPOs of all time and the largest of any tech company.

Facebook filed for its initial public offering Feb.1, giving us more insight how the tech titan operates. The filing stated that Facebook users upload 250 million photos a day, signal that they “like” items posted by friends about 2.7 billion times a day, and have created a web of 100 billion friends and connections on its site.Facebook currently shows revenue of 4.27 Billion in Wikipedia.Last year, the company had $3.7 billion in revenue and $1 billion in profits — astounding figures for an 8-year-old enterprise, though slightly less than what some analysts had expected.

facebook ipo 120127 620x350 Facebook IPO Will Make The Company Worth $100 billion

The latest string of social media initial public offerings (IPOs) is fast creating a select handful of fantastically wealthy company founders and early stage investors.The coming IPO of Facebook is estimated to put founder Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth in the neighborhood of $20 billion, give or take a few billion dollars.Early Facebook investors tried to sell billions in stock a year ago when the implied value of the firm was closer to $70 billion.People are so connected to Facebook that they have revealed to Facebook much about their lives so they would happily invest on it.

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With so much money at stake Mark is very conscious about the latest acquisitions of the company which may lead to little delay of  the company going IPO. Such acquisitions include buying Instagram and later a series of important patents from Microsoft. So at such a level there are no chances of  mistake. Level of expectation is also very large.

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