From last few days I have found that unwanted Photos have increased a lot on Facebook. Many people create Fake accounts and  add pornography and other unwanted stuff on Facebook . Almost everyone , whether young or old , is on Facebook  and spend hours on  it. This is an era of social Networking sites and it cannot be ignored. So talking about Facebook we can see that it will soon cross 1 billion users .  Some people are habitual of posting the things which they should not do and this have bad effect on young generation as more than 70% of the Facebook active users are from the age group 18-24.

Even many people makes Fake profiles and copies photos of users and add them to Fake profiles. Facebook  always keep monitoring what the users are posting and tries to keep Facebook spam free. But it is difficult for Facebook to keep an eye on every activity  so they have given the users options to Report Abuse any thing which they find should not be there on Facebook.You can report to Facebook if you find that some one else is using your images , harassing you, etc.

But recently Facebook has upgraded its Photo Viewer and they have made it similar to that of Google+. This is one among the many changes which we have seen this year from Facebook. But due to this new Photo Viewer, Report Abuse has become quite tedious because you would not be find where it is located. So you can Follow these steps to Report Abuse any photo which you think should not be there on Facebook  and let Facebook Team consider it:-

Steps To Report Abuse Photos On Facebook

1. Open any Photo you want to Report To Facebook.

2. Take the mouse on the Photo and you will see that at the bottom many icons appearing.

3. Click on the Options.

4. You would Find Report Abuse Option.

5. You can Report that Photo to Facebook by telling them in which manner is this photo harassing you.