Facebook has been continuously growing  since its inception back in 2004. It has come a long way to become the biggest social networking site of the world. Its present number of users are 800-900 million which means its all set to hit 1 billion mark this year. One can just dream of the amount of data ( status, photos, videos etc ) that must be posted on the site daily. In spite of such large numbers of users, the great thing is half of them are active users and they log in everyday. Its strange but practically talking one sixth of the world population is at one place.

Now studies show that people with internet connection spend 23% of their total time on net. Internet has turned into the biggest addiction bringing with it the need for smart work than hard work. Everyday thousands of new sites are creating, with million of users and trillions of links. Teenagers are busy starting their new sites in order to earn from internet and be famous online.” Content is the most valuable asset of any website” . But just writing good quality content is not enough as long as their is no one to read that and appreciate your work. I have already cleared the reach of Facebook , so along with other social networking sites like twitter, linkedin , stumble upon its actually not that tough to generate more traffic for your blogs.All you have to start doing  is get smarter in the way you use Social Networking sites. Hope this article helps you in making best use of Facebook to get more traffic to your blogs. To start with :

Where is Facebook taking you ?

Ever wondered where is hours of Facebooking taking you ? If you just use Facebook for meaningless likes and chats then your Facebook account is just a collection of time you wasted which will never come back . Well i can assure you of one thing that if you truly realize the reach of Social Media , you can grow your blog into something not expected. In case you hadn’t noticed, social media is big – and getting bigger all the time. Facebook has integrated with millions of things including daily use products, eatables , tv commercials , sports, tv channels, political parties etc. Every big organization has a policy to use social media for their promotion. So why not you use it yourself in a smarter way to grow your business. Facebook is turning smarter so should you .As Mark Zuckerberg announced in a recent statement, Facebook doesn’t care about getting more users. They want to be a platform with a healthy app eco-system.

How to use Facebook to grow your business . .

1. Manage the time you spend on Facebook . Be more social and develop healthy relationship with your audience. Always be helpful and try to respond back to everyone who comes to you with a query related to your site. Always remember that ” Blogging is all about people ” . So good relations will make your visitors refer your site to their friends and come back themselves again.

2. Be more specific while writing content.Here’s the problem: if you’re constantly asking the same questions, distributing content at the same times, refusing to take risks and fitting in with the crowd, you’re going to lose. So better is try doing the same things in different ways.

3. Post in evening and late hours : Business organizations generally post in working hours. But your users are active more at evening and late hours. Make sure that you post more on weekends to reach out to people who could not use social media in weekdays due to work restrictions. Posting content late night will help you reach new users . Bottom line is ” Post when others dont so that your content is more likely to be seen and obviously less competition

4. Be Innovative while posting content : Scrolling down your news feed you mostly go on until you see a name that matters or a catchy picture or video . But mostly all the content seems to be the same. So if you are going to do the same thing then it will bring you no good. So make sure be more creative and innovative while posting content so that your content  stands out in the news feed of your friends. Don’t write catchy lines like “like this article “. Be more specific and use some good quality photos that stands out for your content . Give a brief description may be  a tagline to  describe your article. This will surely help you get more traffic. The idea here is to always bring something a little different that they can see quickly and interact without much thought.

5. Narrow your content Focus : Be more interesting and short. Always keep in mind that no one is free to read your own thoughts or views about anything. There are other websites to read reviews. So just be cool , specific and confident about your writing. Use short  lines but powerful words that make your content all interesting to read.

So hope this article here is helpful in letting you know how to use Facebook for promoting your website and generating more traffic to grow your business. Here’s the bottom line: don’t embrace the status quo. Take risks. Take note of what your competitors are doing – and run the opposite way.

So share your views on power of social media.

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