A few months back launch of Timeline was the a great step for Facebook as it marked the starting of all the changes that followed in competition to Google’s social network Google plus. Now Timeline received a mixed response from the users . Many of the users did not like Timeline due to its compact nature and security concerns. This will be a bad news for all the Timeline haters as the all the ways to disable timeline are not working for now as Facebook has made Timeline mandatory with  no going back.

We posted a article on ” HOW TO DISABLE TIMELINE “ , using which many of the users got their old profiles back. But the sad news is that their profiles will be changed back to Timeline view even though they may not like it at all. The post included different ways to remove timeline in different browsers on windows 7. They include add on , extensions etc but unfortunately all these methods are not working any more.

Earlier it was official that Timeline was not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 , so those who wanted old profiles back could have used Facebook on IE 7. But this is not the same any more. Facebook has made Timeline compatible with Internet explorer 7 . Another method to disable Timeline was to use Fbpurity extensions which became quite popular. But this was something that was not released officially as Timeline remover by Facebook. So even this method to disable Timeline is not working.

Now i tried looking for many ways to disable timeline. Found some in search results but on using them i found that none was working. So don’t waste your time looking for the methods to disable timeline as i wasted my time to bring this to you. Instead try to accept whats new as i personally feel there Timeline is good. It gives a new fancy look and if you got security concerns , please don’t blame Timeline for it. Remember its just a social networking site , so share and upload things that wont harm our social name. If u still got problems , you have got all right to lock your wall and prevent any one from seeing it.

i hate timeline

Timeline is no longer a option but a choice . I am sure users will learn to like Timeline instead of giving up their Facebook accounts. There are many advantages of Timeline . Check the article below to have some best tips on Timeline.

Best Settings For Facebook Timeline

Now please don’t get worried as i assure you that i will be looking up for a solution to disable Timeline .I will post a article as soon as i get something . Another advice i will like to give you is make sure you don’t add any malicious add ons / extensions in order to disable timeline. As these can be harmful and may lead to data loss or hacked accounts. So just stay cool with Timeline unless something official comes up.

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