Timeline can be called as the most important feature that Facebook has ever rolled out. It rather marked a new era of social marketing and social media which has led to competition among the various social networks in gaining more users . Facebook and Google+ has been  leading the way with each one trying to copy others feature. Now coming to Facebook , Timeline not only brought a change in how your profile appears but it also brought with it many new features which were a attempt to create a user friendly interface.

Timeline allows a very special feature with makes your profile look more awesome. This feature is the cover image . With most of the users hating Timeline with the security concerns involved with it, many have liked the new look as it makes their profile look cool. Most of the users upload a image they find cool to be their cover image . This images include cars, posters , wall papers etc. Only a few of the people use their creativity to create something that not only looks cool but makes the viewer appreciates the skills of the owner of the profile they are looking at.

Now i have been constantly trying my best to share with you the Timeline covers of such creative people through my blog. I already posted many articles on Timeline covers.

Just have a look at – 2012′s Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

Now in this article i am bringing you some all new covers of people who have used their skills to create some awesome timeline covers.

Dusty Buell


Tom Lambie


Richard Kårström


Eyal Shahar


Andrew Grojean


Antonio Fadda


Louise Lundberg


Christopher James Clyde-Bernard


Ekkapong Techawongthaworn


Josh Burnett


Mark Hopkins


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Nick Castillo


Vandy Pesarillo


Matt Michaels


Mike Qsys


These were some of the new covers. We would love to know which one of them is your favorite .