Facebook has grown from a small network connecting students with in a college to a 900 million network connecting the world at one place. It has created a platform for sharing information from all over the world. With the number of people now connected to Facebook , on e can imagine the amount of data that is being uploaded or shared on the giant social network every passing minute. The power of social media can be estimated from the fact that many business organizations have reported a increase in their business after following a well planned social marketing strategy . We even wrote a article a few days back which you may like to go through  ” How To Use Facebook To Generate More Traffic For Your Website  “.

Facebook is incorporated with almost every small , big organization , shows, products, movies, stars . The extent of this has reached the point that all these organizations consider a good social marketing strategy a must to  sell their product. Now coming to this article, every guy with some good choices of movies must have seen or atleast heard of the Batman , The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises ( coming this July). The greatest trio is all ready to rock the world with its final part coming this year. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to release on 20th July, 2012 . The trailers of the movie had already broken record for the most viewed trailer on the day of release .

Now here we are bringing you a collection of Dark Knight Rises timeline covers for Facebook so that you can use them and give your profile a Batman look .Here are the timeline covers .





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