Facebook has grown from a project hatched in a college to the been most used social networking service by worldwide.  Many had expected that Facebook would be hitting 1 billion mark sometime in late 2012, but as per the reports from International Telecommunication Union , Facebook is now being used by over 1 billion people across the world. Yes , Facebook has hit 1 billion mark , now its way ahead of other social networking giants like Twitter , LinkedIn.

Facebook is holding almost one sixth of world population at one place. Important point to note here is Facebook is already banned in China ( The most populated country in the world ) where local social networking site QQ is used. This is the case with some other countries ( Russia, South Korea, Brazil ) which have banned Facebook to promote their own social networks. Now one can imagine the numbers of users that would have been presently been using Facebook if the these countries would not have banned Facebook.

Facebook now has 1 billion users and its way ahead of Twitter [ 200 million+ users] , LinkedIn [ 150 million + users ]. This stats clearly show that Facebook now holds 90% of social network holders. Now there have been a lot of criticism about all the changes being brought to Facebook , but on the contrary these seemed to have proved to be quite fruitful for Facebook. The increase in competition has surely proved beneficial to the users as they are the one enjoying the benefits of all the new features that are rolled out to keep the users interested.

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The 2012 “Trends In Telecommunication Reform” report also confirmed something else that Facebook has been telling us: mobile is fast becoming the main way that the vast majority of people are using its service.

That’s partly due to the fact that, although broadband usage continues to grow, the number of fixed broadband subscribers is still nowhere near the majority of households in most countries. Facebook and outside analyst have noticed that usage of  Facebook from fixed connection is now low in number that the users who are using Facebook on mobile connection or cell phones. So Facebook is surely focusing its concentration on becoming more smart phone friendly in order to gain and fix its users.

With developing countries still new too the power of internet, there is still mo way that saturation level  is reached . This numbers are gonna grow in multiples as every day new reach of internet is growing. So may be we may have a lot to look forward and lots of numbers and maths on our way. Well good luck Facebook.