Facebook has recently updated Pages by introducing “Promote” button on status update. This feature is exclusively released for pages so that businesses can pay for the post and make it more visible to its Fans on News Feed. The sole purpose of Facebook to introduce this option is to make Businesses more engaging and increase there growth as this will appear to more of the Fans.

Facebook has revealed that a post is seen by only 16% of the Fans. In order to increase the visibility Facebook has kept a very minimal charge for the brands . A brand can now pay $5, $10, $15 or $20 to “get more people who like your Page to see this post.”

Promoted post will look different from regular Post as they would be labeled with “Sponsored” in the news feed. This new feature can also be considered as new strategy by Facebook to generate more revenue and provide a potential growth to its customers. Facebook has turned itself as a Public company, initially turning out its IPO.

We have seen a fall in the share of Facebook after the release. But according to the investors Facebook has a vast network and this downfall will not create much effect to it.

This new Feature is not yet available everywhere, but would soon be available on Facebook. Here is the complete guide for you to learn to use this feature and for those who have not yet got, it is the preview:-

1. Promote a Post

You can promote a Post by clicking on “Promote” button.

Then a drop down menu will appear. Here you can  see another drop down menu which depicts the prices.

2. Add a Funding Source

You can add a funding source according to your wish . Facebook allows you to make payment using Pay Pal and Credit Card. Then you can easily add your Funding details to Facebook .

3.Locked and Loaded

When you’re ready to publish the post, you’ll see the promotion locked in. Then when you publish the post your fans will see sponsored written below the Post .

Stats of Posts

This are the steps which you can follow to Promote your post. Facebook has also introduced another feature which allows you to see Stats of all the Posts which you have updated on your Brand Page.

1. Stats

You can now see the stats of posts you have added recently. You can even promote you old status but they should be older than 3 days.  Stats appear below the pages post as you can see it in the image added here. These photo has been taken from a friend of mine who runs a successful blog named as Blogigng Junction.

2.Number of Fans Reach

Hovering over the “X people reached” hyperlink gives you a sense of the organic, viral and paid impressions generated by the post.

3. Percent of Fans Reached

Even you can see the Percent of Fans reached by Hovering over the “% statistic” hyperlink .

All these features will help you to make Facebook Pages more engaging and understand what type of content our audience likes and now you can even promote it in a better way.