Facebook has announced that all the users would be able to share Files on Facebook groups in the coming weeks. Around a month before Facebook has allowed only the .edu address to use it in the school groups. This Facebook Update would surely kill sites like dropbox which provided cloud storage for the users. Users can upload most file types up to 25MB . The exceptions: music files (sorry, old-school Napster fans) and executable (.exe) files (sorry, hackers). But e-books, comics, music videos and other small movies can be added.

The other important thing is that Facebook is again strict enough and would provide the users an option to report about any thing which they feel is not appropriate or should be not be posted or  are copyrighted files.More than 380 million people use Facebook Groups and this is the only reason Facebook has allowed users to add File sharing. This will help Facebook users to come closer and be more engaging.

Facebook had acquired Drop.io in the year 2010. The feature of this site was users can add content and was not compulsion to join the site. Even users were allowed to make Conference calls.

We think that Facebook will incorporate these Features in the future. We would like to know that how many of you guys use Facebook groups and if you would like to share interesting things with  us.