Facebook has been trying a lot many things recently in order to increase their user database and lead all other networks. Timeline has been the most sparkling topic of late gaining many liker’s and haters. Now we are here with another cool change that you can bring to your profile i.e ” Change Background image Of Your Facebook Timeline Profile ” in order to make it more cooler .

Now Facebook has been successful so far considering the fact that it recently crossed mark of 1 billion users and is holding around 80% of all social network users all over the world. The critics surrounding Facebook Timeline seems to be working in favor of the giant network. Though Timeline gives a all new and a smarter look to our Facebook profiles yet many seem to dislike it due to the security issues controlling it. But Facebook has a simple statement saying ” Likers are gonna like it and haters gonna hate it “.

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Recently you must have read of many applications on Facebook saying ” You can change your Facebook color to pink , red, green etc “. But i already warned my users to not to use such applications as they are just scams which can end you up with a lost account and even loss of important personal details. once you allow such applications to access your profile and your personal information , you can become a victim of  illegal use of your account or personal information.

Now coming to this post, yeah you can totally change the back ground image of your Facebook Timeline by just using a trusted application which is completely working fine.

P.S : Only for Google Chrome users.

All you need is to follow the steps below :

1. Download this extension just by clicking the link below . Once you download it click on add to chrome.

Facebook Background Changer

2. Once you reach here you can enjoy many perks of this cool application of changing your timeline background image . You can set the the back ground image from the images that are displayed.
If you donot like the pictures given  you can click on the ” pictures from url ” button shown by red arrows and paste the link of the image you want to set as back ground. Photo will be retrieved  depending upon size of the image. Then click on save.

You can even upload the image from your computer and set it as the back ground image of your Facebook timeline profile.

I have changed the background image of my timeline this to my profile, you may check it here.

3.  Now in the first image you must have seen a option of ” Page Opacity” . Now whats that for. This option is to make your Facebook page more opaque or transparent. The lower you set the value of Page opacity , more will you be able to see through your Facebook page. To illustrate that i have made a red color box in the image above . Now you can see through the Facebook page as i have reduced the value of Page opacity. So set the values as per your need.

 So hope you liked our article on changing background image of your Facebook Timeline. So do not forget to share it with your friends. Seeing the craze for creative Timeline covers and cool Facebook profiles hope you will surely use Facebook color changer extension to ” Change background image of your Facebook Timeline .”