Facebook has been on a roll of bringing in changes recently in order to keep the users interested . These new Facebook changes have been a outcome of many hackathons that are organized in Facebook headquarters . Every effort is being made to simplify and create user friendly interface and provide a new design to users profile. Facebook recently went public offering its shares to public which were fixed at 38$ per share.

Now there has been lots of talking around about the future of Facebook . From what i see right now , Facebook is stronger than ever and its going no where in spite of the changes brought in. Now coming straight to the new changes that have rolled out .

New Facebook Changes – Control Over The Notifications

Now as per the new Facebook changes users have a control over their notifications . Now you can say adios ( bye ) to the spammy groups or games notifications that always comes up when ever you log in to your account. Not only this the way the notification appears is much cooler than before allowing you to see older notifications just by scrolling down . Not like before when you had to go to the notification page to check all your notifications.

Now coming back to gaining control over notifications . Yeah this is how you can do so . When you open your notifications , there is a ” x” sign right  in front of the notification . Click on the ” x ” sign and it will ask you to” turn off ” or ” keep on ”  the notifications . You can click on turn off if you don’t want further notifications from that group, event or game .

This is very useful as it will provide you a option to shutdown spammy notification you were tired off. This is surely a right step by Facebook as it will provide power users a control over what to see . This will surely prevent wastage of time by looking to minor occurrences of no importance as people constantly keep adding you to every other group you don’t want to be a part of .

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New Facebook Changes – New Timeline Design Testing

Timeline was a very important move by Facebook as it totally changed the way Facebook profile appeared. Now a recent update from sources states that a new Facebook timeline profile  design is under testing stage . As per this design , profile picture moves slightly to the left, and information that usually appears below the cover image is superimposed over the cover image in white type.

All the basic information and buttons like subscribe and message appears bottom of the cover image in form of white text rather than below the cover image.

The thumbnails below the cover images for friends , photos , likes , subscribers etc are replaced by small icons .

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