London Olympic are approaching and everyone is excited about them. People are planning trips from the whole world to London to watch the Olympic events and support there Nations. But recently it was in the news that Parliament has made a term and condition for ticket purchases for the London 2012 Games that they cannot publish images, video or sound online and if done so then they will end up in Court.  Some of the other strict actions which are being taken are mentioned below:-

1. Athletes are FORBIDDEN from discussing any non-sponsor products.

2. Local businesses have already been threatened with legal action for using any combination of two or more of the following numbers and words: Olympic, London, 2012, summer, or games.

3. Branding police are going around Olympic stadia taping over or scratching out non-sponsor brands and logos on things like toilets and sinks.

4. Attendees aren’t allowed to post videos and photos from the events to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media.

Well after reading all these actions people will not be taking in any chances to share photos on Facebook. But i should make all you guys happy that you can go and watch London Olympic and share your photos on any social media like Facebook and Google+. I am so sure about this because this is world of internet and no one can stop People from sharing there memorable moments with any one.

BBC has already talked to the higher authorities regarding this matter and according to them it is “unenforceable”.

The main reason why authorities are making such a strict rules are small businesses (who are engaged in commercial marketing but may lack the resources to know what is allowed and what isn’t) and athletes who don’t have endorsement deals (or management teams to guide them through those hurdles…or if they’re a track runner, the other kind of hurdles).  The Olympic is still figuring out social media but they have a lot of big pockets to protect and they can come crashing down on some of these small guys.

Here are some of the things which people should take care so that they do not break the rules which are laid down by the Olympic organizations:-

1. Do not miss use of photos , videos of athletes in Olympic or else you guys will be in trouble.

2. Do not promote your small businesses on name of Olympic.

I hope all these things will clear your doubts about posting things on Facebook regarding Olympic. If you still have any doubts feel free to comment and we will make sure to clear all your problems:)