Facebook has grown from a project hatched in a college to a billion dollar industry connecting one sixth or say 1 billion people together at on place . No one knew that it would grow so big and connect almost every continent on Earth. Surprisingly this time eastern cities seem to be on a roll by leading the list for Top 10 cities with  most Facebook users .  Recently Facebook crossed 1 billion mark meaning it holds abot80% of social media users all over the world. Facebook has totally changed the scenario making internet more powerful than ever.

Social Media has grown beyond any limits to get integrated with almost everything . No business organization can move forward without a good social media marketing strategy. In its early days Facebook became popular in USA but Mark was focused to spread it beyond the country, and his idea of bringing the world closer payed off and today we are here enjoying the perks of power of connecting to people across the world. Cities across the world have seen a boom as far as the number of users of Facebook is concerned.

Now number of Facebook users kept increasing. Many cities had majority of their population using Facebook. Facebook became a big hit among the youth of big cities like New York, London, San Francisco , Los Vegas etc . This reach of Facebook did not limit itself to the western countries only. Though Facebook is banned in China ( most populated country in the world ) but still eastern countries have recently shown great development as far as growing number of Facebook users are concerned. As a matter of fact ” India ranks first as far as growing number of users of Facebook are concerned “.

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Ever wondered which are the cities with most number of Facebook users ? This list goes up and down with cities continuously ranking up and down. But most important thing about this list is that western cities no longer hold the top spots .

Stats below will surely take you by surprise as one of the eastern cities i.e Bangkok has topped the list globally for most number of Facebook users. Yes Bangkok hold most number of Facebook users within a city globally. This indicates clearly that no matter Facebook currently hold 1 billion users but still it has great scope for growth in developing countries where internet is growing as you read this. Now in this article here we are bringing you the latest stats for ” Top 10 Cities With Most Facebook Users ” as per May 2012. This data here is brought  according to a list published by the well-known international social media analytics company Socialbakers.

1. Bangkok – The Thai capital ranks first on the list with 8.68 million Facebook users.

2. Jakarta – It has 7.43 million Facebook users.

3. Istanbul – It has 7.06 million Facebook users.

4. London – It has 6.13 million Facebook users.

5. Bogota – It has 6.11 million Facebook users.

6. Sao Paulo – It has 5.77 million Facebook users.

7. Mexico City – It has 4.29 million Facebook users.

8. Santiago – It has 4.12 million Facebook users.

9. Mumbai – It has 3.70 million Facebook users.

10. Buenos Aires – It has 3.52 million Facebook users.

So here was the list of  Top 10 Cities With Most Facebook Users . If you go through this list carefully , you will notice that most of the top ten countries are from east where the countries are still developing and are new to power of internet. With so much yet to come , many new stats can be expected .