Facebook is among the most favorite social networking site with more than 900 billion users. Facebook allows users to have only 5000 friends but any number of people can follow a person by liking his or her Facebook page. This is the best and most easy way for the user to keep in touch with his favorite celebrity, sportsmen, etc. Even many of the celebrities are active on Facebook and they keep thanking there Fans and even update them by telling about the Latest albums. Many users like Eminem sells his albums using Facebook.

We’ve tracked down the top 15 most popular people on Facebook–based on the number of Fan Page fans–to compile a killer list of the hottest people on the network.

15: Avril Lavigne

With about 32,593,525 likes on her Facebook Page, veteran punk girl Avril Lavigne is number 15 on Facebook’s most-liked users list.

14: Megan Fox

Despite her rumored bad attitude, the feisty Megan Fox has barely made the top 15 of Facebook’s most liked with around 33,709,337 likes on her Page.

13: Lionel Messi

Argentinian soccer player Lionel (Leo) Messi is the second most-liked athlete on the list, with approximately 34,861,588 likes on his Facebook Page.

12: Beyoncé

R&B bombshell and new mom Beyoncé has garnered about 34,892,831 likes on her blinged out Facebook Page.

11: Lil Wayne

Shiny-toothed rapper Lil Wayne currently has about 37,391,944 likes on his Facebook Page.

10: Bob Marley

Reggae musician Bob Marley is still sharing the love more than 30 years after his 1981 death through a Facebook Page made in his honor. So far, it’s garnered about 38,077,891  likes.

9: Akon

Senegalese R&B performer Akon rounds out the top ten of Facebook’s most-liked users with about 38,427,853 likes.

8: Katy Perry

The very popular pop singer Katy Perry has about 42,311,199 likes on her Facebook Page — that’s nearly 40 million more than her ex-hubby’s 1,459,435.

7: Justin Bieber

It’s not very surprising that the baby-faced Justin Bieber has made the top users list — his Facebook Page has about 42,691,946 likes, probably just a fraction of his vast fanbase.

6: Cristiano Ronaldo

A stud of a soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo is the only non-musician within the top ten of Facebook’s most liked — his Page has about 43,265,062 likes.

5: Michael Jackson

The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson is continuing to make an impact on Facebook with approximately 48,114,603 likes on his Page.

4: Shakira

With around 49,591,378 Page likes, Colombian performer Shakira rolls in at number four.

3: Lady Gaga

Earlier this month, Mashable reported that the mega pop-star Lady Gaga shattered a Twitter record, becoming the first user to hit 20 million followers on the site. In the case of Facebook, Gaga rounds out the top three with about 50,391,746 likes on her Page.

2: Rihanna

The talented, 24-year-old Barbadian singer Rihanna comes in at number two on the list with about 55,161,597 likes on her Facebook Page.

1: Eminem

That’s right — it’s super-star rapper Eminem who tops the list of Facebook’s most liked with approximately 56,398,954 likes on his Page.