Facebook , Twitter , Linkedin , Google+  and other social networking sites have come a long far to make the world a smaller place to live in.The power of social media is no longer hidden and it has become an important tool for any business organization to ignore. Facebook has grown from a project hatched in college to a giant social networking site bringing one – sixth of world population at one place. Its all set to hit 1 billion mark this year.

With the numbers associated with social media , you can imagine its reach. Almost every business organization from a needle to a plane, from actors to politicians have realized social media as an intermediate to reach out to the millions of people through the power of networking. A good social marketing strategy is a important part of every business companies. With big brands getting millions of likes on their Facebook Timeline pages , its certain that any thing posted on the wall will reach out to millions of people at once which will increase the chance of increasing profits.

Considering the time youth is spending on social media . brands and companies want to make out best out of social media. Now did you ever wondered about the top retailers on social media , if not no worries. We are bringing here a infographic from Campalyst about ” Top retailers on Social Media” .This infographics tells you about the top retailers on different social networks including the new boom Pinterest.

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Victoria’s Secret is the top retailer on Facebook, with nearly 18.5 million fans, followed by Walmart with about 15 million fans. On Twitter Major League Baseball is the major retailer with 1.9 million followers. Retail channels on YouTube do not show numbers as large as the other social platforms , Nike tops the list here with 200,00 subscribers.

Take a look at the stats below and let us know what you think .

Courtesy : Campalyst