You will be surprised to know that only 12% of your friends are able to see your Facebook status. So to make your status more engaging , Facebook is introducing “Highlight” that lets you pay a few dollars to have one of your posts appear to more friends. This Highlight feature is only applicable for Facebook users and not for Facebook pages. The best part of this feature is that your friends would see the status in the first position and not that it will be colored or made look different. This  Highlight feature is now in its beta version and is being tested on a very few users to know whether people are liking this feature .

Here is the screen shot which will show you how this feature would looks like. You can pay a small amount of money to Facebook and you all your friends will be able to see your updates:-

This feature is showing that Facebook is trying more aggressive ways to make more money for its investors to get delighted. This would certainly lead to a bad impressions on the users as Facebook has always made a statement that they will remain Free for all its users for ever. This pay-for-popularity feature could be a huge turn off. Almost all users do not use there credit cards or PayPal accounts on Facebook but we can consider this as a forceful action of Facebook to earn. This feature would also lead to insecurity in the minds of users because many scams  applications will copy this way and try to get the credit card details of the people.

The official statement from Facebook on this is:

“We’re constantly testing new features across the site. This particular test is simply to gauge people’s interest in this method of sharing with their friends.”

The problem is the potential for Highlighted updates to reduce the general relevance of the news feed. Facebook’s news feed sorting algorithm is designed to show you posts by your closest friends or that have received a lot of Likes and comments. Highlight distorts this, and will encourage news feed spamming club promoters, musicians, small businesses, or anyone else with something to gain from more clicks.

Positive Point About  Highlight

This feature could be quite useful at the times when you want to display an important status update to your friends like “I need a kidney donor“, “I’m renting out my apartment“, or “I’m moving to New York, come say goodbye tonight” This kind of approach is accepted but Facebook should set a frequency for users so that it wont lead to spam in future as i have told you above.

In the end we would like to know that will you spend money to “Highlight ” your Facebook status update so that it may be visible to more friends . Consider the above mentioned details to understand the complete concept of Highlight feature