The ” New Facebook ” refers here to the present day Facebook that is a total departure from the old lay out of the site . The present day Facebook looks the way it does after many changes that have been brought in recent months. All the users of the site must be totally aware of all the changes that have been rolled out in the recent months. It all started with Timeline – Giving a new look to your profile , and then came many other changes like ticker, video chat, spotify, new photo viewer, timeline for pages etc. Changes are always accompanied with mixed response. So that brings us to a important question here ” Do you like the New Facebook ? ”

Google stepped into the social networking arena with its social network Google plus , offering some new features to the users such as video chats , hangouts , circles etc.  This led Facebook to become more active and bring out changes that would keep their users interested in the site . This all led to a series of changes that rolled out in coming months. Some stated that ” Facebook started copying from Google+ ” , some stated vice verse  , but ultimately the users are the ones who enjoyed the perks of these changes. The new Facebook as it looks today is a result of all those changes.

Now another aspect of all these changes is that Facebook has totally changed its layout. Not only the layout but it has also changed its policies and it seems that business has become a priority of The New Facebook.  The power of social media , especially now with Facebook crossing one billion mark , is way too much to be ignored. Internet for many means Facebook.  Facebook holds around 80% of the social media users across the world, roughly one sixth of world population at one place. It has become so big that almost all big small firms and organizations are integrated with Facebook increasing the interaction and helping in growing business.

The New Facebook – ” Likers are gonna like it and haters are gonna hate it “

Now talking about changes . Timeline is a new feature that gives you profile a new look . But ” How To disable Timeline ” has been the most searched topic in recent months with people seem to hate it. Many of them wanted it to be option rather than a choice, but unfortunately Timeline is mandatory. Facebook even changed the pages to Timeline look. The main reason of hating timeline is compact space and security issues ( my point of view ). But all this buzz does not seem to effect the giant social network with it gaining a million users everyday.

The New Facebook’s Search Engine , Browser, Smart Phone

The New Facebook  will surely not limit itself to just a social networking site instead rumors reveal that ” Facebook is going to bring out its own search engine soon in competition to Google” . Not only this, there was a lot of buzz around stating that ” Facebook is soon gonna bring out its smart phone ” by next year. Its hard to understand that  is these insecurities regarding future or are this business growing strategies. Facebook is even set to buy Opera browsers next version for smart phones. These attempts of Facebook are way too much and are receiving mixed response from its users.

User Satisfaction Or Business

” The New Facebook is more powerful than ever ” says the newly married owner of Facebook. With such statements and company breaking records for the most valued IPO ever , a lot can be said about the future of Facebook. There are lot of rumors around regarding the future plans of the company. With Facebook already making it clearer that they are gonna do what they want ignoring user satisfaction at some levels , a lot can be expected soon.

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So this was a little about changes that have happened and the changes that are likely to happen in near future. So share your thoughts with us regarding the changes and whether you like the ” New Facebook “ or not .