Often commented on a post or a pic on Facebook in a hurry and misspelled it and pressed enter. Right ? Yes we all have done it. So what did you do then , only option available was to delete the comment and write it all over again. That did not take long but for sure it was not cool to write the entire thing again .

Now with Facebook constantly trying to bring in new changes to make more user friendly interface , another Facebook change rolled out this Thursday . Now ” Facebook allows its users to edit their comment rather than deleting and rewriting them .” Now Facebook is using a editable comment system.

Though as we all know Google social network Google+ was the first one to use editable comment system , so many will surely say that Facebook is copying Google +. But i guess that should not be a matter of concern for the users as long as they are the ones who are enjoying the perks of this changes .

Now as per the new changes when you click on the pencil button on the right hand side of your comment , unlike before now a edit option will be provided in addition to delete , click on it and you can edit your comment . It will even show you the all the history of your edited comments.

That is indeed a good feature as it will allow you to know the complete context of the conversation even if a person replies to your comment after you have edited it. So just like Google+ , Facebook allows you to edit your comments.


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Another small change that i noticed this morning while using Facebook was that in your chat box , now you dont have to write the smiley codes yourself. There is a option at the right hand bottom of the box , clicking on which all the smileys appear and you can use he one you want.

So its good as long as the changes facilitates the ease of the users. What do you think of these changes, tell us in comment below .