Facebook has turned out to be the world’s most popular social networking site. The biggest reason why other social networking sites were left behind is “interaction” with the other users. Facebook provided the best way for the users to interact and check what they are doing. all your friends activities are visible on your homepage.

Facebook has provided many features and there are many features which everyone uses but still there are some features that you have never heard of. Facebook has recently crossed 1 billion users. Those who are using Facebook from long time might be aware of these Features but those who have joined Facebook recently are still unaware of them. After knowing these Facebook features using Facebook will be more fun and more interactive.

1. Facebook Friendship Page

This feature will allow you to see all the common things which you have done with your friend. You can see all the things like mutual friends, tagged photos, status comments, mutual likes and many more. You can easily use this feature by going to this link and replace the things s mentioned

http://www.facebook.com/<Your Facebook username/profile ID>?and=<Your Friend’s username/Profile ID>

Now replace <Your Facebook username/profile ID> this with user name or profile id for example take a look at my profile link:-

https://www.facebook.com/prateekb3 . Now add prateekb3 and similarly you can do for your friend .Here i am taking profile link of my twin Brother though we look totally different form each-other https://www.facebook.com/ankya7 

Now the Url will look like this


This can be applied between any two people that is if you want to check this for two friends of yours you can do that by adding username/profile id in 1st and 2nd position as shown above.

If you simply want to See Friendship between you and any of your friend . You can simply and hit the gear box drop down menu and hit See Friendship as shown here.

2. Facebook Impact

This feature is really interesting and very few people know about this. Facebook allows you to see how many of people have joined Facebook due to you. You can go and check this Feature by going to this link Facebook Impact .

You can even see who among your friends have added the most friends so far. You can even see  all invites and imported contacts.


3. Create Your Profile,Page,Photo,Like Badge

This feature of Facebook is helpful for webmasters and bloggers , because they can create a Badge for their Facebook profiles, pages, likes, photos. This badges can be used any Facebook user to increase his/her social media impact and also to increase the interaction.

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4. Add Friends To Chat

Now you can easily add friends to chat and you do not have to create groups for that . This feature will allow to add your friends to a discussion and you once it is over you can close it. This is a very faster way to  group chat with your friends on Facebook.

All you have to do is open any one persons chat and click on Add Friends to chat [top right]. Start entering the names of friends and you are done with this.

5. Email From Your Facebook Account

This feature was launched by Facebook in 2011. This feature was included by Facebook to challenge its opponent Google and stop people from using gmail. But this feature did not get that much Famous.

Still this is a very handy way to get an email. Now you might be thinking what will be my email id. Your email id is your username and complete url is username@facebook.com.You can send me any email at Facebook and my email id for Facebook is prateeb3@facebook.com.

This feature is totally similar to that of sending messages on Facebook. You can send any one email through Facebook by typing your email id in To and what ever you want to send in Message. Just check the image below to understand it easily.

6. Add Location and Friends to Your Updates.

You can add locations and Friends to your Facebook Status, your photos. This feature also allows you to remember which place you have visited the most and which place you like to roam with your friends. Facebook has even allowed you to add check in option .

7.  Video Calling

Recently Facebook ,with the help of Skype, introduced Video calling. This feature was again launched to provide competition to launch of Hangout on Google Plus. But still many of Facebook users are unaware of this Feature. You can go to Facebook Video and install a plugin and then you are ready to Video chat with your friends. But you might be still confused about how to video chat with any friend. It is simple , just open chat window with whom you want to video chat . On the top right side you will see an option to video chat as shown:-

8. Back up Your Facebook Data

This is one of the Latest Facebook features of Facebook which allows you to download all your data. The data includes every activity you have don on Facebook that is comments, chating, messages, status updates, your friends name, email address, pending friend request . You can find this link in your account settings as shown below:-

9.  Schedule Your Current Posts on Pages

Now you can schedule your post on Pages without using any application. This feature existed from a long time but very few knew about it. This feature can be only used in pages. You can schedule a post for a period of six month . You can have the complete detail by going to this page:-

Facebook Pages Update : Admins can Schedule Posts and have More Control

10. Chat to Friends using Facebook Messenger

Now you can easily chat with your friends on Facebook without logging to Facebook. Facebook messenger helps you to Chat while you do other stuff. Get notified instantly if someone tags you in a photo or add you in his comments. You can download Facebook messenger through this [link]