Facebook is not a social network anymore. Facebook is changing everyday. No one can predict what will be a new change. Sometimes company declares that they will Launch a Facebook phone, sometimes we hear that Facebook Pages can now Promote status.

All these changes are good but actually way too fast , but I like things changing . Now coming back to Olympics, it was in the news that Olympics viewers will not be allowed to share photos of Olympics on Facebook and if done so could lead them to Jail.

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So we did a research about it and made it clear that London Olympics Organizing Committee made the statement regarding all those small business which will use London Olympics in any sort of advertisement will be punished and this will not be for applicable to people.

Now this Facebook Update about London Olympics 2012 has cleared everyone’s doubt it. Facebook has officially announced that people can follow  their favorite athletes by liking them. Even you can follow your favorite sports, teams also.  The best part is Facebook will not run advertisements. Facebook  also said. “London 2012 is set to be the most talked about sporting event in history as fans and athletes from around the world come together to share their Olympic stories on Facebook.

on Olympics page. The official link to Facebook Olympics Page is :- https://www.facebook.com/olympics. and the Official Link to “Explore London 2012 on Facebook” page is :- http://www.facebook.com/pages/olympics.