Have you ever been surprised with people sending you big pictures as smileys in your Facebook chat. If yes, you must have often wondered  ” How to create Facebook Chat codes for any image .”  But unfortunately you must have just wondered without solution to your problems. Many of your friends feel cool with pasting some codes and sending you a smiley in Facebook chat. But this post here will make you look more smarter in front of your friends because i am gonna help you create your own Facebook chat codes for any images in almost no time.

Now smileys have become a part of our Facebook chat. We posted a couple of article some time ago related to some cool Facebook smileys and Logos and pictures to be used in Facebook chat box.  We received positive response on the articles but some of the readers were inquisitive about how to create Facebook chat codes for any image. So i looked for some days and i found a couple of code makers. But I am sharing with your here the best one and most easy to use.

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Now coming straight to the point.  We have a application on Facebook by the name of ” Big  Emo Creator ” about which most of users are unaware of . The use of this app is a piece of cake, just upload the image you want, wait for around a minute, then boom! The codes are ready to be used on Facebook chat . This application will make your chat experience better and its a easy three step process on how to create Facebook chat codes for any image . Just follow the step by step guide below .

How To Create Facebook Chat Codes For Any Image

1. Go to the application by clicking the link below :

Big Emo Creator

2. Click on browse and upload the picture ( size smaller than 1 mb)  you want to create a Facebook chat code for.Then you will have to wait for 150 sec as your pictures is being processed.

3. Once the processing is done . Just click on ” click here ” link as shown in the pic .

4. Once you reach this page wait for 7  sec and then click on ” skip this ad “.

5. You are done . You have created Facebook chat codes for the image you have uploaded. Just copy the complete code and  paste it the chat box of your friends to surprise them.

So this was a simple application that can make your friends wonder and make you look cool in front of them. So now you can create Facebook chat codes for any image yourself.

Here is a video demonstrating the above technique.


At last i would like to thank my dear friend  Antonella Leon Cotrina  for sharing this useful information with us.