Several Facebook scams are spreading on Facebook. You might be thinking that why Facebook does not secure users from these scams and why these scams keep on spreading. The real reason is that Facebook has allowed third party applications. This means that any one can make any application and can use on Facebook. This is the reason why we see scams on Facebook

Facebook has allowed them because many small business and even many big organizations has are using these applications to interact with their customers. Many applications are even Fun to use. Users can even play many new Games which are designed by people. So these are the reasons why Facebook has allowed users to make applications, though Facebook is strict with the rule. Facebook provides you full security.

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Facebook immediately take actions against those applications which are against terms and conditions and can misuse users information. But still some applications makes the way and spreads. Even apps maker follow new ways to spread these scams , so sometimes Facebook is not able to track them.

These applications also spreads because these are designed in such a way that users gets attracted to them and then give them permission to access details. Sometimes these scam applications ask people to enter their credit card/debit card details and once the user enters these details then nothing can be done.So to make you aware of the Latest scam application on Facebook we have gone through a deep details. Here is the list of Spreading Scam applications:-

 Spreading Scams on Facebook:-

1. Scam name

WARNING : Announcement From FACEB00K Verification Team.All Profiles Must Be Verified

Trending: Since  May 2012

Why it’s a Scam:

Clicking the wall post link takes you to the following screen:

2.Remove My Timeline – Facebook Spam

This application will ask you to add a Browser extension and this browser extension will send your all details to programmer. Beware of it :-

3. Who view your Profile – Facebook Scam

Facebook has not allowed any one to know who all views your profile so these applications just making people people fool and taking there important information.


4. Auto Subscribe

This is one among another scams on Facebook. This scam asks you if you want 100,000 subscribers and wants to be public figure. Well everyone wants to be a public figure but its not so easy to do that.

We recommend our readers to allow or use only those applications which they feel are good or linked with the big organizations.

Sometimes we give permission to scams on Facebook. These scam application can be easily be removed from your fb account  and can be stopped from spreading. We have explained in detail the steps to remove scam applications on Facebook. You can directly go to link and follow the mentioned steps :-

How To Delete Scam Applications On Facebook

If you still find any problem and also want to discuss any thing , do comment below and we will reply you instantly.