Facebook can now be called as “New Facebook”. The reason behind calling it “New Facebook” is that everyday we see new features getting added to it. Facebook is trying to provide the best service to its users and due to this are adding new features to it. These features are not visible in everyone’s account .Facebook will introduce these new features in future to everyone . These recent features which Facebook introduced have increased user interaction a lot.

Since the coming of Facebook Timeline we have seen Facebook changing and here in this article we will cover all the recent changes to new Facebook. We have also included the new changes to Facebook pages too:-

1. Voice option

You can now see Voice option on Facebook . This feature is only applicable to Facebook Pages and also for Facebook Page admins. This  new feature allows you  to like and comments as your personal FB profile. This feature will help you to do self branding too.

2. Change Facebook Username

You can now change your Facebook Username (URL) right from your Admin panel. But you can only do this once. You can also request a change for the name of your Page from here too. So beware because once the change has been done you cannot return or undo the change.

3. Facebook automatically redirects Pages

Facebook appears to be automatically redirecting its community pages (with info pulled from Wikipedia) that are duplicates of official fan pages. Wow, could this be an answer to all the duplicate pages? An upcoming option for Admins who want to merge pages.

4. Friends Logged in your last post

Now you can see how many of friends logged in since you last posted on Facebook. This features is launched so that people share more and more on Facebook.

5. Facebook Timeline on Scroll on Profile picture

Whenever you scroll pointer any person’s profile picture , you will notice that Facebook Timeline appears instead of Facebook profile pictures. This is actually a good update from Facebook

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6. Contact information Updated

You can now see your Facebook email address instead of your regular email address in contact. This feature is pretty harsh from Facebook and as not even told to users before hand .

7. Share some news

Now you can see “Share some news….”, Instead of ‘What’s on your Mind” on update status. Facebook wants users to share what news they have with their friends instead of what’s on their Mind.

8. Smileys in Facebook Chat

Now you can see Smileys in Facebook chat . These smileys can never been killed and almost ll users use them while chatting on Facebook and hence Facebook added them to chat

9. Edit Comments

Now you can edit your comments on Facebook. The comment you have added before will also be visible to others:-

10. Links Get Bigger

While chatting on Facebook when you send a link and hover pointer over it , you will see that the links gets bigger:-