Too many Facebook Changes in the recent months would have resulted in one of the two things. First being a increase in the on site interaction or engagement , secondly a dip in on site engagement. A recent survey shows up data which clearly illustrates that users are getting bored with so many changes and about 35% of the users spend less time on the site as they did 6 months back. In recent months there have been a heap of  Facebook changes, with Facebook changing completely from its looks to its reach .

All the users of the site must be totally aware of all the changes that have been rolled out in the recent months. It all started with Timeline – Giving a new look to your profile , and then came many other changes like ticker, video chat, spotify, new photo viewer, timeline for pages etc. Changes are always accompanied with mixed response.Users seem to have too much of Facebook. Timeline got a mixed response from the users with many even ready to leave Facebook as their privacy was at stake. I personally did not understand their state of mind. Now the question is ” Are so many Facebook changes required ? “.

Facebook is no more just a social networking site , its way beyond that.  With competition for survival increasing everyday, Facebook has been trying on so many different things recently. These efforts made by the company are a clear indication to the fact that Facebook is not just gonna limit itself to world of social networking. Leaving aside the changes that Facebook has brought to the site there have been so many other things going around which may be a reason to focus our attention and widen the way we looked at Facebook some months back.

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” Facebook seems to be stronger than ever .” said one of the officials of Facebook. Facebook bought Instagram ( now even on androids ) for 1 billion dollar,  and now with  lots of rumors about Facebook  bringing in their own search engine , web browser, smart phone ( even the photos are out ) , there is not even a slightest of doubt about the efforts Facebook is making to grow big and big.

Too Many Facebook Changes – A Dip In Facebook Interaction

” When you are better at one thing , never try other things some one else is best at .” Too many Facebook changes have surely brought down the user interaction . A poll conducted by the Associated Press and CNBC found that 46% of respondents think Facebook will fade away as new platforms come along in the future. However, about 43% believe the site will likely be successful for the long haul. Another study conducted on  thousand American above the age of 18 shows that around 35% of the users spend less time on the site as they did six months ago.

Even marketing strategies to promote product is having some what negative effect on the average users. Facebook may be working on so many other things right now , but they must surely keep intact the thing they are best at ” Connecting People “.

So guys  what do you feel about these too many Facebook changes ? Have you been spending more or less time on Facebook recently? If you’ve adjusted your habits on the site, let us know why in the comments below.