Facebook has been most engaging of all the networking site . People spend lots of time on the site engaging with features provided by the site. Now for the users who are not new and spend lots of time on the site, they may come across some problems regularly . These may include why Facebook keeps showing them the news feed which they have already read or any ways to remove ticker while using Facebook, or any way to divide your giant news feed into smaller section. With Timeline forced onto profiles many people are unhappy with the 2 column display of their profiles making the news feeds all compact . So all your problems have a solution in the form of a simple browser extension called  Social Fixer.

Now what exactly is Social Fixer and how to use it ? Its a simple browser extension that is loaded with many fun and useful features that will solve the problems you have with your Facebook. It was written by a software engineer, Matt Kruse, who lives in Illinois and works for a hedge fund. The only thing bad about this is that it does no work on Internet Explorer.

How to Install Social Fixer Extension : Its very easy to get started with it. To download this extension , just go the this link : Social Fixer

Now under download and install simply click on the browser you are using ( Excluding Internet Explorer ) . Your extension will be downloaded. Boom you are done. Now just restart your browser and log in to Facebook. Social Fixer wizard will pop up prompting you to choose you settings. You can start up with the the default settings always. Keep clicking on NEXT and just after few clicks you are ready to explore many fun features offered by this simple browser extension. A wrench icon appears next to your profile photo on the upper right of Facebook’s interface.

wrench icon next to your profile picture in top rifght corner


Now we will discuss some of the important features and how to use them.

Access Timeline In Single Column- Social Fixer

” How To Disable Timeline “ has been the most searched term is the past few months. Clearly there are many who ado not like the present 2 column interface of timeline. So social fixer will help you solve your problem and allow you to access Timeline in single column. This can be really useful as your news feed will no longer be jammed and compact.

To use this settings , simply click on the wrench icon , then on the social fixer options. This will take you to the general options . Choose Timeline from left from the given options. Check the box saying display post in single column with max width. Save the settings. Your Timeline will appear in a single column.

Customize Your Timeline With Elegant Themes : Social Fixer

Ever bored with using the same interface of your profiles. Want a change ? Here is what you were looking for. Social Fixer allows you to choose from various themes  to give a new and better look to your timeline. It’s easier to read text and look at pictures without a lot of bright blue pixels surrounding them. To choose themes simply go to the social fixer options , under it choose Themes. Then you can simply choose your favorite themes. Here is how my profile looked after changing from one of the themes.

Hide Chat Bar , Ticker , Cover Photo : Social Fixer

Another awesome feature allows you to hide chat bar, ticker and even your cover photo while using Facebook. This is a cool thing as it decreases deviations and unwanted features and allows you to use Facebook with a wide interface. To hide the cover photo just Go to timeline > then check the box asking Hide the cover photo. To hide Chat bar and ticker check choose layout from left and select your choices.

Hide Posts You Have Already Read : Social Fixer

If you have many friends , then your news feed will be full with updates from your friends. Ever felt bored of reading the same stuff again and again while scrolling down your news feed. Social Fixer allows you to mark post as read individually or all the post on a page at once so that you will only see a new update next time you see your wall.

Notification Of Un Friends : Social Fixer

Social Fixer keeps you informed if any of your Facebook friends unfriends you on Facebook. No other extension is required . This does it for you. On your home page , on the right hand side their is will be box displaying notification about this.

So these were some of the features of this great extension . Personally I love this because it simply does the work that may require many different extensions to be installed on my browser. This one extension does it all for me. Infact not only this it also has many other features that makes Facebook fun. No forgetting the face that this is created by one man.

So guys hope this will answer to many of your queries and for any other information or queries just drop in your comments. Do tell us what you think of this awesome extension.