Facebook has recently updated everyone’s contact information , introducing @facebook email address rather then regular email address. This Facebook update was done quickly without any notice to users and hence many users did not like it. Facebook introduced its own email service in the year 2010 to kill all the present email providers. But this feature did not turn the way they wanted and hence email providers like Google did not face challenge.

Facebook failed to promote this feature and due to this reason many of the users do not know that they have a Facebook email address also. This recent change in contact information is brought by Facebook so that it can increase the use of their email service . We cannot remove email address  form the Facebook Contact information but we can hide it.

People believe that removing their email address and adding @facebook has many disadvantages but what we feel  that it has many advantages :-

1. People accounts are more secured

Many Fb accounts get hacked because of the regular email address provided by the users. Many hackers send fake emails and many users reveal their personal information to them. Facebook email address are similar to messages and hence using them  people cannot be fooled so easily.

2. Emails Directly on Facebook

Using @facebook you can  get all your emails in the form of messages. Facebook provides emails as messages because it is a very familiar way of using Facebook. People will not have to login into their email account specially to check emails as this could be done easily on Facebook. This will also help people to check their mails regularly as time spent on Facebook is much more then doing any other activity on internet.

 3. Email Can Be Checked Regularly

Receiving emails directly on Facebook can be beneficial because these can be checked regularly and more over we email lands in our messages and hence we can easily view them. If you have associated your mobile with fb then you can even get a message directly on your phone if you receive any message on in your fb and thus this thing can help you to keep an eye on emails.