Facebook EdgeRank ” is a algorithm that controls what you see in your news feed  when you log into your account.  Just logging in to see updates from your friends , your news feed loaded with photos they upload, share, links they share , status they updates feels nice most of the times and we all are kind of habitual to it. But ever given a thought to out of your entire friend list you only see most of the updates from the friends you interact the most. The algorithm behind this requires a little explaining to do which is followed in the article below.

What is Facebook EdgeRank and why is it required ?

Edgerank is a algorithm that controls your Facebook news feed . Lets say it decides to what you will see in your news feed based upon certain factors such as comments, likes, shares, tags etc. Each of these things have their own weight age depending upon which the algorithm decides the stories on your news feed.

With loads of data being uploaded every second which means every time you create a story on Facebook ( status, photo, link, comment, like etc ), there are hundreds of stories being created by other people in your list simultaneously. Obviously all of us would like our news feed to show us news that are relevant to us .

Now it will be annoying to see a update from a person whom you added just after a casual meeting at a party months ago rather than a update from your friend. Facebook understands this problem as it too requires its users to come back to the site which is only possible if they see what they want or are here for. So this led to ” Edgerank”.

Facebook EdgeRank – How it works

Now you know what edgerank is so lets get to the next important thing to know about edgerank i.e How it works ? Edgerank is based on certain factors. Facebook revealed the formula behind Edgerank in April 2010. The formula was a product of three factors . Revealing the formula unlike the Google Page rank led to social media marketers and experts to start looking for ways to increase their reach to the maximum fans on their pages by studying the factors on which edgerank depends. These factors are affinity , weight , time decay . Facebook uses edgerank to rank every edge and story for each user . Then the story with top score is shown at the top and this score is a product of the three factors stated above. The score of each story decides its position in the news feed.

Facebook Edgerank

Now lets learn some useful stuff about these 3 factors in Facebook Edgerank.

Affinity : This is critical factor that determines your relationship with your connections that can be your friends, pages you like , comment on etc. Lets explain it with a simple example to clarify all doubts.

P.S : Comments and likes rate more than link sharing, playing video etc.

Rahul and Maria are friends on Facebook . Rahul like Maria so he mostly likes her pics, status updates to impress her and he also visits her profile more frequently. Where as Maria rarely likes Rahul’s updates or pics and has not visited his profile from long. So as per edgerank, Rahul will see most of the stories from Maria in his news feed where as Maria will hardly see any update from Rahul.

Affinity For Facebook Pages : Suppose someone has liked my page on Facebook but has not liked any of my updates for months. Then probably he wont see any of the things i post on my page in future. He will surely be counted as a like for my page stats but unfortunately he wont see my updates or i lost my fan. This is the main reason why its highly important to keep your fans interested in your content.

Weight : The next factor is weight. Facebook gives different weight to different things. For instance  , comment has more weight than like . This helps to decide what kind of stories will show up in your news feed. A video, photo has higher weight than a textual status updates. So it clearly tells you that your content should be more engaging in order to reach more people and be at the top in the news feed of you connections. This is the main reason so as to why you should post content that will fetch more comments in order to be more engaging and reach maximum people. There is lot more to say on this which we will bring in the next article in couple of days.

Time decay : This has nothing to do with when the connection was created ( fried request accepted or you liked a page ). It just refers to the freshness of the post or when was the story created. This is the main reason you see new post on the top of your news feed when you log into your account every day next day. Stories move down in the feed as they become old, so best way is to keep posting so that your new posts replaces the older one.

Conclusion : If you are a Facebook fan page marketer you need to realize the value of “Facebook EdgeRank” as it stand between you and your fans. Make sure before pressing that post button that , ”  Are you providing value content to your fans and is your content worth engaging so as to reach maximum people at one go ? “

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I hope this article helps you understand the logic behind the activity in your news feed. We would love to read your responses on this . Any questions ? Feel free to ask in comments section and we will reply as soon as possible.