Facebook has build a virtual world of its own and it has just become a important part of our lives. A project started in a dorm room at Harvard University has turned out to be the idea of the century connecting millions of people around the world. In fact Facebook just crossed 1 billion mark some time back. Facebook may just be a social networking site but Facebook profiles are of real people with real lives. There is more to Facebook than just a website. Our Facebook profiles are a reflection of who we actually are.

Now with millions of people connected on Facebook , the power of sharing has led to many great stories where people have found someone they lost, or people may have contributed money for some needy who requires to be operated, or people propose on Facebook, some relationships or marriages breaking due to Facebook.

Mayank Sharma is a guy just like all of us. He is from New Delhi India . The only thing that makes him different is his story. ” Mayank Sharma would probably tell you that going through meningitis is hell — if he could remember any of it.” Yes his world was new every morning he got up. Every morning he got up with no memory, he had to learn how he looked , he had no idea what relationships meant, who is his father,mother, brother. He gave no response to anyone as he did not knew what to say. No idea of who are his friends,his family.

Video – Mayank Sharma would probably tell you that going through meningitis is hell — if he could remember any of it.


Can u just imagine how being Mayank was like ? Past defines who we are, and if u don’t remember your past , who are u ? Same question struck Mayank’s mind every second ” Who He Was ?? “

One day he came across this website called Facebook . The first thing he saw on this was ” People You May Know “. He started adding friends and started talking to them daily. Every morning he forgot who his friends were on Facebook. But somehow following a routine he started recognizing some of his friends. This was just the moment when he started putting together lost pieces of puzzle. Slowly he started recognizing many faces and this is how Mayank has shaped his world around Facebook. The video has awesome background music.

Mayank’s story moved me , so i thought of sharing it. If hit touches you too, share this wonderful story.