Facebook follows a Edgerank algorithm which controls our Facebook  news feed . The factors and the formula behind Edgerank algorithm was publicly declared by Facebook unlike Google’s page rank. Normally a post reaches to about 16% of your fan page fans. More recently Facebook introduced scheduled  stories or promoted post for Facebook pages which lets you get better of Edgerank as it makes your post reach to a wider audience .

New Page Post Targeting Options

Another change that was in testing from a month is the ” New Page Post Targeting Options on All Facebook Pages Above 5000 Likes “. Yes this new post targeting options will allow you to choose what kind of audience you want your post to be visible to. Facebook page owners with more than 5000 likes will soon have access to advanced new page post targeting options including age, gender, relationship status , education .

You will have a option while posting from your page to choose one of the options.

new post targeting feature


What is good about this ?

This feature is quite good as it will lead to more relevant content being shared . ( Source :  Inside Facebook )  Let me explain the advantages in form of points :

1. You can choose the type of audience most likely to see your post . This will give greater chance of your post being seen and shared by your fans as it will target more the users who are looking for such content.

2. The post on your timeline will be visible to all the users even outside the targeted options i.e those who are not targeted for that particular post.

new post targeting feature

3. This will make friends of fan ( not covered under targeted option ) to see the activities their friends do by liking your post or commenting on them. Thus more chances of getting new fans.

4. More relevancy of content will lead to more people talking about this on your fan page which ultimately is the most important thing to keep your users interested in your content.

5. This will give the page owners more control over there content and by targeting suitable audience , chancing of unsubscribing or disliking the page decreases.

6. You can create multiple post per day without irritating your audience.

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So quite simply this is a needed feature and will make content more relevant giving page owners more control and freedom to post.