Facebook has been rolling out series of changes recently with some new features being tested and made live on the site in recent months. All these changes in the recent months have received mixed response from the users. Some changes were quite useful where as some seemed not required. Due to this there have been questions as to what is the need to bring these changes if after all they are not required ?

One recent changes that has gone live recently in Facebook groups is that now you can see who all visited a post in a group and at what time. Yes. ” Seen Feature Is Live In Facebook Groups “. Techcrunch mentioned about this some time ago that this feature will be rolling out in coming months. Today as i was checking one of groups on Facebook i saw this feature got live in groups .

Now the same question again arises , ” What is the use of this feature ? Is it wanted or is it a unnecessary alarm on privacy of Facebook users.” Users are bound to ask this question as this feature totally seems to be a unwanted addition to the site. Timeline in itself created enough hype regarding security concerns from the users. In fact How To Disable Timeline has been the most searched term about Facebook in the past . So this seen feature here will surely raise further questions about the security concerns .

Facebook has been the most engaging site and the time people spend on Facebook is just freaking awesome. But over the time one thing has been sure that people are concerned regarding sharing their personal information on Facebook. Now ” Seen Feature ” in groups will tell you who else visited a post and at what time. That is totally a anti privacy feature. I am sure you will not like others to know what stuff you are surfing on Facebook , what post you are viewing , what comments you are making , what updates you are liking. For such purposes you have your friends circle who can view your activity and your updates.

Seen feature live in Facebook groups


The real time logic behind why this feature sucks is that all the members in group , no matter they are friends with you or not , can see what ever you view in the groups and when did you view it. That surely is something i won’t like and i am sure you won’t like it too.

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So hope Facebook makes sure that from the next time when a feature is useful to its user before adding it to the site. Drop in your comments to let us know what you think of this new feature.