Even though Facebook has become a part of our lives but still too much of Facebook can be boring at times. Studies show that the people in the developed countries who have been using Facebook for long now are tired of too much of Facebook in their lives. So lets add fun to your Facebook experience so that from the next time you don’t get bored when you use Facebook with the “ Best Facebook Apps For Fun

With Facebook App Center around , finding the right app has never been easier. It shows apps based on the apps your friends are using which is pretty cool. Though most of the apps have been around for a while but with now with app center its a pretty easy job to get your hands laid on the best apps for your Facebook and your smart phone. So make things more easier , i decided to look up for the best apps that can add fun to your Facebook. So here are the Best Facebook Apps For Fun .

1. 3D Status Analyzer

This is a cool application that accesses your data to look for the most used words in your status updates and comments . Then this app beautifully uses those words to form a 3D rotating globe that moves by your cursor . You can share it with your friends and also choose your favorite color for the globe.

2. Facebook Symbols

Feeling excited, artsy or anything ? Facebook gives you option to express every emotion in form of smileys by just copy pasting some codes in your chat or on your friends wall. Use this app to get all the codes you want at one place.



Much awaited Dislike or hate button have not yet been officially announced by Facebook . So this is one of the Best Facebook Apps For Fun . You can add such buttons to your updates through this awesome applications. This app allows you to add different buttons to your updates ( Dislike, Hate, love, OMG, Lol, Rofl etc ).


4. Graffiti

Playing prank or being re creative to add fun or making jokes about your buddies is something all friends do. So this app here will help you do all such stuff. Send doodles to your friends through this amazing app.


5. Type Upside Down

This applications turns your status and updates upside down. Simply write what you want and this application will do the rest for you.


6. Application Builder

You may not own a farm ville app but what you can surely do is to create some small poll apps, quiz apps, gifts , fan pages etc. This can be fun if you are creative with your thoughts.


7. Picnic Photo Editor

No need to use separate software before uploading any pic to Facebook. This beautiful application will help you edit your pics before uploading . It contains all the features as in any software you use for photo editing.


These were the Best Facebook Apps For Fun  . This apps will surely add fun to your Facebook experience. Like and share them with your friends and we will be back again with more apps shortly.