Facebook has been rolling out changes keeping in mind its users, advertising interest and future aspects etc. All the recent Facebook changes are a outcome of the thinking process in the most widely used social network today. Most recent Facebook Update is that Facebook Integrates with Dropbox to make file uploading more easier and powerful in groups.

Facebook is not just a chatting site as we all know and groups are a crucial part of the site allowing thousands of users to share their knowledge with people they don’t know in real life. Sometime back groups got a new feature by which users were allowed to upload photos to groups from their computers making their work easier. Instead of explaining complete scenario or problem to others in text , now users can upload a pic describing the complete problem. Facebook recently upgraded this feature as Facebook integrates with dropbox powering file sharing in groups.

This has been made clear that , already existing feature of uploading photos in the group from your computers still stays, but now users are also allowed to upload photos from cloud storage websites directly into Facebook groups .

” It’s also worth mentioning that Dropbox’s current VP of engineering is Aditya Agarwal, the tech executive who once served as a director of engineering at Facebook. This can be crucial point behind this deal. Though this news looks quite straight forward but its interesting at some levels.”

Facebook Integrates With Dropbox – Benefits

While using this feature for the first time users will have to connect their Facebook account with their Dropbox account. After that they can share by uploading data from their dropbox to groups which will be shared on the group wall with all the members of the group. This can be really beneficial to students as they can upload notes, exam papers etc and this data can even be accessed by smart phone or tablet users . Another eg can be a coach sharing the latest game schedule with his basketball team’s group, or someone posting a birthday video to a family group.

Dropbox presently provides 2gb of free storage to its users using free plan. This space can be increased by referring others to install dropbox through your link. Dropbox premium plans starts at 9.99$ per month. So this new integration of Facebook with dropbox will help to create awareness among users regarding cloud storage which is a very secure and awesome way to secure your data.

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Conclusion : Its a smart move for Facebook  to integrate with dropbox focusing on providing better options to its users to retain its hold on social networking arena . This is a important move for dropbox too as it will be exposed to a huge Facebook user data base.
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