Facebook has been rolling out changes to Timeline profile and pages. A number of changes have rolled out in the past month. Facebook pages got a timeline look and after that pages got other useful features likes scheduled post and promoted post. Recently Facebook has been trying to get its hold on mobile devices as it surely has realized that the social network has to value its mobile users for growth in future. Now, Facebook has updated its fan pages on mobile devices and now the Facebook mobile fan pages include all the options available on desktop like pinned post, activity log, cover photo, events and more.

Now this is something Facebook mobile users who usually run their campaigns on smart phones will appreciate. So let us get straight to the topic here. Some important do’s and don’t for the new updates on Facebook mobile fan pages are discussed below :

Pinned Post Available On Facebook Mobile Fan Pages

This feature which was earlier available just on desktop is now available on Facebook mobile fan pages too. Now if you have got a post that is getting you more traffic than other and you want maximum exposure through it , you can pin the post to top of your page. That way any one who visits your page will get to see the post at the top . This is highly important for users who are using sponsored stories for Facebook. They can pin the sponsored post to the top of the page for better visibility to your fans.

pinned post


Admin Feature and Activity log

Facebook mobile fan pages now gets their admin column or voice . As you can see you are posting as your page admin or from your own profile by this voice option. Similarly you can see this on your mobile ( IOS and Android ) but you can not change the voice immediately as on desktop. Another great thing is now you can see the activity log for all the users who post, comments, likes anything on your Fan page.

 admin panel on Facebook mobile fan page


Social Modules And Tabs also Available on Fan Page

Unlike before now you can see which of your friends like a page just as on desktop with social tabs now a part of Facebook mobile fan pages. Good thing is rather than being on a separate page it is available in line with timeline on every page.

social modules

Even on music pages, band pages, users can see to what their friends are listening and can themselves listen to the popular songs. All this list will be available on mobile fan pages. All the tabs which are displayed on desktop like location, events, photos etc  will also be displayed on Facebook mobile fan pages as well .


Cover Photo for Facebook Mobile Fan Pages

Cover photo is the most appealing thing about Timeline. A little while back all the Facebook pages got shifted to Timeline look with option of adding a cover pic to promote their brand name to their users. Though this feature was not welcomed to fan pages , but slowly Timeline kind of suits to Fan pages. Now Facebook rolled out cover photo for Facebook mobile fan pages as well. This will help the mobile users to add cover to their fan page on mobile and thus promoting their brand name.

P.S : Page owners should be aware that designs that work on desktop may not work on mobile devices.

Image courtesy : Inside Facebook

So this was some of the highlights of Updates on Facebook Mobile fan pages. Don’t forget to share your views with us.

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