How can it be possible that anyone’s Life can depend on Facebook as Facebook is just a social networking site. People use Facebook to connect with friends , family members, colleagues . On Facebook people mostly like photos, update status, add comments. Yes everyone does that on Facebook but if ask any one of them whether your life depends on Facebook, the answer would be a BIG NO. They will simply say that Facebook is just to connect with others and not a source on which life can be dependent. Facebook made changes in it old profile and released Timeline, no one got affected by that. People are still using Facebook in the same way.

But how on earth can anyone say ” My Life Depends on Facebook!!!!”


Is Facebook that important ???

Can a LIFE depend on Facebook or any other site.

Well Yes, this is my answer to all those who wants to know How my life depends upon Facebook .

Now I am going to talk about my myself and people like me who are dependent upon Facebook and Yes Facebook will not let us down!!! :)

To explain you in details I will simply start with Facebook:-

What is Facebook ?

This can be answered by every person who is using Facebook. The answer to this question is totally simple. Everyone will say that Facebook is a social networking site which helps us to connect with people. We can chat with online friends, make new friends, play games on Facebook , like Pages etc.

If you look Facebook from the eyes of a Facebook user, the person  is totally correct and the way he is defining Facebook is also correct.

But now if you look from the way I see Facebook you will also start gaining more and more interest in Facebook. I am going to reveal you only very few points about Facebook here and rest you can read in a very interesting article by Jeffbullas :-

1. Monthly active users now total 901 million (up from 680 million a year ago)

2. Daily active users are up to 526 million (up from 372 million last year)

3. 3.2 billion Likes and Comments are posted daily.

4. Revenue for the first quarter of 2012 was $1.058 billion, up from $731 million last year.

5.Facebook hosts 37 million “Pages” with 10 or more likes

These are just a very few Facts about Facebook and if you are interested in checking out a Info-graphic you can go to Stats on Facebook 2012

You must be very amazed to see all the above stats about Facebook but you might still be thinking that How can Facebook help me in any way or How can a person get any benefit from Facebook. Before talking about me and Facebook I am just going to tell you about a person who started his company just around 3 years back and generates over $400,000 in revenue within his first year by helping businesses with their Facebook strategy!

The person who founded this company is Nathan Latka . He is a very cool guy and always looking forward to do innovative things. Every customer of Lujure is Happy from them as they provide the best support and best tools to build Facebook Fan pages tabs.

So now after reading about Lujure and Nathan you must have a got an idea about what I am talking and this is just one example and I can bet their are many other people who are running a very successful business using Facebook  and its advertisement, pages, applications etc.

Now I should directly come to point and let you know How I am dependent on Facebook :-

Facebook and Me

I started using Facebook in the year 2009 when I  joined my college. Facebook is and has always been one of many things which I love on Internet . So one day I and couple of my friends thought to start blog on different niche. One chose Technology, other chose inspiration stories and I chose Facebook. I started my blog around 1 and a half year and I am very happy to talk about it and now it is my passion. I frequently keep my readers updated about Latest Facebook Updates and discuss my views about the latest changes.

Fbupdates fan page has crossed over 13000 likes and this shows that my readers are happy from me. I discuss many important things and I also try to provide solutions to the problems of Facebook users through my Fan page updates and Fan page messages.

And Yes I do make a handsome amount of money from my blog which also helps me to keep me and my Blog running.

If your life has also been changed by Facebook you can share it with us by commenting below and we would Love to hear from you.