Facebook New Update Seems Ugly as it is testing a new update in which it has moved its notification,messages, friend request , to the right side and the search box has been moved on the left side . This recent update from Facebook was never expected because all the users of Facebook are habitual of checking all the updates on the left side.

This update from Facebook can be considered as unnecessary and irrelevant. Changing daily routine, habits is difficult for everyone. Facebook is part of daily routine of people. More than 1 billion users are active on Facebook. So this new update will effect all the one billion users.

Active users click on notifications, messages every instantly. Every-time we see any update on the left blue box on the bottom left we try to go on the Top to see the notification but after this update we have to change our habit and have to look for it on the right side. This is a useless update from Facebook.


Update in the News Feeds : Facebook has also updated its news feed in which updates from fb friends are appearing twice. Even many users are not able to see the news feeds from friends and some are seeing very old updates. This issue has been reported to Facebook and it is getting resolved.

We ask our readers to suggest about this upcoming Facebook Change which is still tested on only Few profiles. Are you looking forward to see this change in Facebook and if not what is reaction about this change. This change will going to effect everyone. So we are looking forward to know your views. You can share them by adding the comments below :-