Keeping away from Facebook is a very difficult task as Facebook is like a drug. People are that much addicted to Facebook that they keep on wasting time even when there is no notification, message. They keep on scrolling down, check other friends updates, photos, videos. Sometimes using Facebook leads to so much wastage of time and we even do not come to know about it as we are busy poking our nose in what others are doing.  According to the recent study an average Facebook user has 130 friends and he spends around an hour daily on Facebook.

For those who work online, Facebook keeps them distracting from work. You would be surprised to know that a blogger hired a woman to slap him every-time he is on Facebook. You can read the complete details here : Blogger Hires Woman to Slap Him Every Time He’s On Facebook [VIDEO]

No we are not going to tell you the same solution, lol. We have a much better and easier solution than hiring some one to Slap you. You can just follow the given below steps and you can Keep Away From Facebook :-

1. Open Google Chrome

2. Install Facebook Nanny – Block Yourself from Facebook.

3. Restart your Google Chrome.

Once you add Facebook Nanny it will start behaving like a really Nanny and would only allow you to see latest updates from your friends would only allow you to visit your Facebook Profile and messages. This method has seriously helped me to increase my productivity and Hope you guys will also try this.

See how this extension would stop you :-

Note*: You have to remove this extension if you want to use back the Facebook normally but we recommend to use this extension as it would help you to work rather than wasting time.