What is Edgerank ? To those who are unaware of this term , Edgerank is a algorithm that controls your Facebook newsfeed. You may check this to know more about it ” FACEBOOK EDGERANK ” . But my concern here is , a sudden fall in ” people talking about this ” on fan pages accompanied with Facebook pushing people to spend dollars to promote their stuff and to reach out to more people. Does this really mean Sponsored Posts Makes Edgerank Meaningless .

Edgerank decides what we see in our newsfeed based on 3 parameters one of which is our interaction with our friends on Facebook. Thus it makes sure that only relevant posts appear in our feed so that we do not miss out on the important updates from our friends. This algorithm was needed as potentially large data is generated all the time . So if there is no censoring of data then you’d be overwhelmed with information. Enough of Edgerank , lets talk about the decrease fan page reach that has been the hot topic of concern in the past couple of weeks.

Decrease in PTAT ( People talking about this )

” People Talking About This ” on our Facebook fan page shows us our engaging fans and actually this is what actually matters. In short ( PTAT ) People Talking About This is the number of unique users who have created a “story” about a page in a seven-day period. Story refers to any action like liking the page, liking the post, commenting, recommending , RSVP . For complete details i would suggest you to like this article ” PTAT- Inside Facebook ” . Recently PTAT numbers have fallen for most of the pages. Page owners have many things to say , so does Facebook but i am bringing what stats have shown for the past months.

For better understanding of decreasing numbers i would recommend these 2 article : Getpostrocket and Edgerank Checker .

Sponsored Posts Makes Edgerank Meaningless

Now “ Sponsored Stories ” very well suit the business model of Facebook. A decrease in the fan page reach , then Facebook offering you to spend some dollars to reach out to those fans and many other in different countries very well suits the financial goal of the company. But what about the small business owner who depended on his engaging content to reach out to his fans. Will he have to spend some extra bucks to reach out to his fans. Well this has been the talk .

With PTAT going down and page owners finding it hard to reach out to their fans , sponsored posts seem to be the only legitimate option. But this can be taken by big business owners but not by small. Moreover Facebook pages are at a disadvantage in the newsfeed ( by : Mike from PostRocket ) . Not only page owners but even the users had a complaint as to they saw less of the content from the page they had liked. Now the question is ” Is Facebook broken on Purpose ? ” which will be the topic of our next article here.

pay to be heard -Fbupdates

Diminishing the reach , clearly leaves Sponsored Post as a option to spread your content which may ultimately end Edgerank. If interacting with content not enough to see it in your newsfeed , what is the purpose of Edgerank. In other words, through “Sponsored Stories,” brands, agencies and artists are now charged to reach their own fans—the whole reason for having a page—because those pages have suddenly stopped working.

Is Facebook down to Monopoly ?

Quite used to see some changes every second day you log into your Facebook account. Now with this fan page reach thing , if Facebook is gonna decide what we see in our newsfeed , then what is the purpose of having such a platform. If you want to reach out to people who actually are interested in your stuff, or you want to see stuff that you are interested in , in your newsfeed , you will have to spend some bucks. This suits the business model for Facebook. So if not exactly monopoly , its close enough.

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