Facebook keeps changing but why ?? Ya , every Facebook user has this question in his mind. Facebook is one of the world’s biggest and most favorite social networking site then what is the need to bring changes in it.

If we compare recent Facebook with Facebook one year back, we will see almost each and everything has changed except its blue color. We got new Timeline look for Profiles and Pages, the complete transform of Facebook chat and addition of  Ticker, Facebook photo-viewer changes, etc etc . The latest update from Facebook is that they are going to change the panel of fb messages.

Facebook is a place where  users share , interact, discuss , talk about favorite brands, reviews the companies products, talk about upcoming events , technologies etc. Every change in the Facebook is talked and discussed as it has deep impact on everyone’s life. Facebook is now considered as a part of life.

Let me take my own case, since the day I joined Facebook their has not been a single day when I have not opened my Facebook account once. I am addicted to Facebook and Yes I can say that my life depends upon Facebook. But for a user like me every change in Facebook has a deep impact but the main question is  Why Facebook keeps changing when all the users are happy with the present features of Facebook.

So today I am going to bring to describe you main reasons why Facebook keeps changing :-

1. Time and Tide waits for None:- This is a very old saying and this is totally correct and yes this can be applied for Facebook as well. We have seen social networking sites like Orkut, Myspace lost all it users because they never tried to change themselves with Time. If we talk about companies like Nokia who did not try to change themselves when they were on the Top of the mobile market across Globe, now has lost all its market cover and companies like Apple and Samsung has covered the complete market. Now with time Nokia has learnt this and are now bringing up new products but now  people have moved on.

2. Nothing is Fix in this World:- Yes this is true, no one can always be the King to the throne. One day the biggest , the mightiest has to Fall. But that matters is how much time the King reigned. So same is the case with social networking sites or any other thing in this World. We can talk about our old heroes Orkut, Myspace , etc they were the most used social networking  sites but with coming of Facebook all the users moved to Facebook and hence at present it has more than 1 billion users. Everyone knows after seeing the value of Facebook, Google launched it new social networking site name as Google+. If Facebook would not have changed then I am sure almost everyone would have moved to Google+ . So changes are good:)

3. We keep on Changing:-Let us take our own example, as some new song comes and we start liking it and yes one day come when we do not want to listen to that song and it starts feeling old. Same is the case with the Gadgets, technology around us. We want the latest smartphone in our hand , we like to test the new gadgets etc. If we consider Facebook as a single entity we can say that it also want to change and thus Facebook team are trying to bring the Best user Experience and hence Facebook keeps changing. 

After reading the above points you will now agree with me that changes are necessary and no company or Organization can ever remain at the Top level if they do not change themselves but we should also consider the after effects of the changes. As I have already told you that Facebook is now part of our life and even a small change on Facebook counts. Now what are the effects on the users and we are going to discuss that now :-

Aftereffects of Changes in Facebook :-

1. Problem understanding the new changes :- Facebook though provide a complete information to the users when they bring in the changes but still many of the users find it difficult to understand the new changes brought. So the only solution is to search about new solutions or follow a blog which covers all the recent Facebook Updates and let users know what are the changes brought and How will they affect you.

2. People start closing accounts :- When the new Facebook design was launched by Facebook, many of the users around the world deleted their accounts on Facebook ad it was also in the news that after a month or so many users who deleted their accounts were back on Facebook. Now people have alternative to Facebook and that is well know to all at this is the product of Google and it is called as Google+. Many people have shifted to Google+ and now it is also gaining popularity world wide.

3. People starts discussing :- Yes we will always do that . Whenever a new change is their in Facebook , we will discuss about it, update about it. Its not only people but worlds most favorite social news site like Mashable, Techcrunch etc start talking about them.

So at-last I would like to conclude that Facebook is a social networking site with more than 1 billion active users around the world. Facebook is providing the best experience and best platform for users to connect to each-other.

Each update is considered, tested 1000 times before launching for everyone so I should say that Yes, Facebook is doing a great job connecting the whole world and we should adapt ourselves to the new changes. I am looking forward to know your viewpoints about changes in Facebook , so feel free to add comments below .