On October 24, 2012, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook now averages a massive 1 billion visitors every month. This news alone makes Facebook the online backbone of all physical or internet business.

Using Facebook page to market one’s product or promote a brand is now the norm of the hour. The users are vast; and where ever there is a crowd – there is a market.
Imagine the massive traffic that you can garner if you can market your Facebook page very well and get it across to those visitors. Imagine your Facebook page getting like 0.02 of those visitors.
Knowing how to create a Facebook page is not enough; it’s knowing how to effectively create a page and taking strategic steps to increase its fan base that is needed.
Below are 4 well detailed steps to take if you really want to increase your Facebook page fan base –

Do Contests

Contests done wonderfully well on a page will increase the interactivity of the group, which will automatically bring in more people to like the page. Facebook contests are basically little competitions done on a Facebook page; the winners of the competitions are usually given some incentives to go home with.
Doing contests always works, because everybody likes free things; fans may decide to tell their close friends about the contests by sharing and emailing it to their friends; and since there is a prize to be won – this alone will bring an instant surge of traffic which is accompanied with more likes to the page.

Keep Fresh Content

Everybody likes consistency in life.  Having a Facebook page isn’t all about creating and forgetting that you once created it. Frequent update is the key – because updating a page regularly will always give your Facebook fans a reason to come back and view your page; especially when what you always update about is something useful and informative.
Be it company news or a launching of a new product – always make it worthwhile, plan your post well before you update – this alone will bring royal readers. The main catch about this process is that your fans’ friends might see your regular update and decide out of curiosity to visit your Facebook page (A lot of them may end up liking your page after that curiosity visit.)

Have a Landing Page

No matter how bold and confident a person is, he will feel a sense of lost if he enters into a new building were everybody is discussing about a particular subject that is unknown to him.
So is any new visitor that comes to your Facebook page in the hope to see something catchy; new visitors to any Facebook page or website all want a certain level of importance – when it is not given – they leave.
This is why a lot of Facebook pages loose new potential fans, unavailability of a landing page speak volume. A lot of visitors may not know what you’re truly offering as a Facebook page if you don’t have a landing page to acquaint them about you and your product; if the visitors practically didn’t land on your “Landing page”, but landed on the main page where you post normal stuff about you or your brand which the visitors may likely not understand. You may end up losing many potential fans.
Create a controlled and informative landing page where you’ll provide them with detailed information about your brand and a genuine reason why they should hit like.
Creating a landing page alone will slim down the chances of losing fans coming to your Facebook page; which will also increase your fan base automatically.

Have something to give them

The sub-heading may mean a $100 free coupon if they like your page, or an eBook you know they’ll need and can’t do without. Marketing is basically a give and take scene – the new visitors want to know what’s in it for them if they like your page.
Offering something very attractive to all new visitors if they like your Facebook page will definitely increase the number of “LIKES” on your Facebook page drastically; this strategy alone will bring in more fans because – you really don’t need to do anything, apart from having a wonderful thing to give out to them. Your Facebook page fans will single-handedly spread the news to their friends about the “gifts” which in turn will bring in new visitors crashing in to collect theirs – which will inevitably increase your Facebook fan base.
Following the above detailed steps will increase your Facebook fan base drastically; remember to follow it consistently. For the above steps to work – you must follow it thoroughly.