Angry at falling fan page reach of your Facebook fan page , annoyed at decreasing numbers of people talking about this for your fan page , mad at idea of paying nice amounts to reach out to all your fans on your fan page ( the very purpose of building a fan page ) , So here is something that may be a little hope in despair for fan page owners and more for users. Facebook has just rolled out another new feature through which users can ” Get Notifications From Your Favorite Pages On Facebook “.

Edgerank does not seem legit now , with users unable to see the posts for the fan pages they have liked in their news feed . This has been the hot topic around for some time now. Facebook breaking down the small businesses by decreasing their reach and in turn asking them to pay to reach out to their users . We just summed up all the details regarding this in our previous post . You can check it here :   Sponsored Posts Makes Edgerank Meaningless

Yesterday Facebook announced new feature by which you can Get Notifications From Your Favorite Pages On Facebook . Facebook announced that they are adding a new option of ” Getting Notifications ” to fan pages . This was available on personal profiles before but now this will be available on pages as well. This is something interesting for users who have been missing out on their favorite page’s posts.

How to Get Notifications From Your Favorite Pages On Facebook :

This new feature has just rolled out. So it will take some time to roll out across all the pages. So those who haven’t got this need not worry. You will get it in some time. Now next important thing is how to use it.
This has to be done manually by users. Open your favorite page or the page you want to get notifications from , mouse over the “Liked” button , in the drop down you will get a option for ” Get Notification “. Check this option to start receiving notifications just you like you get from your friends. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on the content you want to stay in touch with.

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But on the same time make sure to check this option only for pages you really love else there are chances that you may get irritated with too many notifications.

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What do you think? Is this a step in the right direction or something no one will use as everything needs to be done be manually. Though this new option makes sense , but the very reason this option has been added is our concern here.  Facebook is all about Edgerank , then whats the fun behind not following it itself and charging users instead.