Its Diwali again. The festival of lights , crackers , sweets , prayers is back again . This festival unites India in a way that everyone celebrates this as to mark the victory of good over bad , right over wrong. This festival holds a great importance in Indian culture and despite the diversification in religion and beliefs , Diwali is one of the common bond that joins us all. People are busy celebrating Diwali with gifts etc. Even social media especially Facebook is loaded with status regarding Diwali wishes. So we are bringing you Happy Diwali Facebook Timeline Covers so that even your profile gets a Diwali look.

People from different religion may have different reasons to celebrate this eve, but yet the excitement and spirituality remains the integral part on this occasion. People decorate their houses, bring home new things, bring sweets, snacks, crackers etc. Sharing gifts with loved one is very common to view on this occasion.

Below are some of the elegant Happy Diwali Facebook Timeline Covers.

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Happy Diwali Facebook Timeline Covers.



diwali facebook timelince covers


diwali facebook timelince covers

Sp these were the Happy Diwali Facebook Timeline Covers . Hope you like them and use them as your timeline covers.
Have a safe and happy Diwali . From Ankit Bansal and Prateek Bansal (Admins) ,  all good wishes and regards for Diwali. Have a safe and prosperous Diwali.