While updating a status on my Facebook fan page , I noticed a certain change . As we all know page owners can see the reach of their posts below the post , i saw that my status update that was just text only had reached a wider audience than my earlier status update that included a photo or a link. This was interesting to see and helped me conclude that there was a change in the way Facebook is analyzing reach of posts or rather we should say there was a change in the Edgerank algorithm of Facebook . Now the Text Only Posts Reach More Fans Than Posts With Photos .

There has been lot of hype regarding the decreasing reach on fan pages on Facebook , introduction to sponsored post which making edgerank meaningless , Facebook killing small businesses by forcing them to pay to reach out to their owns fans on their own fan page . This was highly criticized by many small fan page owners who could not afford to pay to spread their content and had no choice than to sit and wonder about what Facebook was upto .

All these queries and many blogs posts about this topic surely struck in Facebook ears. Facebook seems to end the controversy by bringing in certain changes to its algorithm , Edgerank. The numbers i have observed on my fan page don’t lie . Unlike before Text Only Posts Reach More Fans Than Posts With Photos. Earlier photos reached out a wider audience and created more engagement. Even Mike from GetPostRocket wrote something of interest on this topic . Below i am showing some stats that makes my point clear about the increased reach of text only posts.

Text Only Posts Reach More Fans Than Posts With Photos

Only text update reach

This is a text only updates. Observe , even though the status got just 4 likes and 4 comments , its reach as per Facebook is 1421 . Now lets us see another update with a photo.

Reach of posts with a photo

Now this is another update with a photo . This has 31 likes and 36 shares . That clearly shows it created more engagement as compared to text only posts. But Facebook still shows that this post was visible to only 1086 people which is less as compared to only text updates.

Question : How can a update which created too less engagement reach out to more number of people then a update which created much more engagement ?

I guess there is no specific reason as of now. At least i have not got any logical answer . The change in Edgerank does not mean that Facebook should prioritize the text only posts ignoring the engagement factor. Edgerank should just be based on type of content that creates more engagement so that quality content has more chances to rise.

On the other side, i just saw a Facebook fan page by the name Anthony’s Word Of Wisdom For Women . Surprisingly this page had twice the number of PTAT than its likes even though all its updates are photos only. So this is something really confusing in terms of changing Edgerank to increase the text only reach and lower the photo reach.

So lastly i would just recommend my users to make sure , they do not panic the situation and focus on creating unique content that creates more engagement so that users remain interested in their stuff.

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