This is the latest update from Facebook in which it has added a Privacy Shortcut Button on Homepage. You can see it on the Top right side  after Home. This new update will help you to change your privacy settings which you use regularly in a very easy manner. You will not have to go to Privacy setting every-time now as this shortcut button will help you.

I am now going to explain in details about the Privacy Shortcut Button and How you can use it :-





When you will click the button you will find three menu :-

1. Who can see my stuff?

When you will click on it you will see the three settings :-

 Who can see my future posts?

Where can I review all my posts and things I’m tagged in?

What do other people see on my Timeline?

and above their is an option to “Search for help” and this will be visible when you will click on search button made.

You can easily customize these settings as shown in the image.


2. Who can contact me?

 When you will click on it you will see the two settings :-

 Whose messages do I want filtered into my Inbox?

  Who can send me friend requests?

These are further options in the two above settings and these are show as :-


3. How do I stop someone from bothering me?

This contains an option to simply block any person whom you think is not Good and is disturbing you. Just add name or email address. You can also see the list of people whom you have already blocked.