Most Facebook fans enjoyed the Facebook of the year 2012 for some certain reasons, although those of some other years are not that bad but the one of this year is greatly good and interesting.

Why we are enjoy Facebook this year is that some cool and nice features has been added to it, I would like to mention some of the features below and explain them briefly and then I would tell you why they added some new features to it this year.

Some of the new features Facebook added in the year 2012

  • Emoticon has been added.
  •  A page app has also been added.
  • Advertising icon.
  • Comment editor.

I would like to touch them one after the other then give out some reasons why they are added to Facebook.

1 Emoticon

This icon has been add to chat although they it is an app, but it is added for young teen and most people who are lover boys or girls. The app is an interesting app that changed the background of your text with some interesting icons on the text you have composed.

2 Page app

This app was added for every adim or every page owner; it would help you in having full access to your page on facebook. You can get one of the app here search

 3 Advertising Icon

A new icon has been added on facebook, the icon is behind the sponsor icon, most people sometime won’t notice it or even most people won’t see it. But after reading this article you would certainly see some hidden things on facebook. When you click on the icon it would take you to a page and then you would get some tutorial about how to create an ad and how to remove an ad on your facebook home page. With that icon you can boost your product on facebook.

With that you have a very high chance to get more customers within a week, because millions of people visit Facebook every day and they would all see your product on their home page.

4 Comment Editors

This is a new feature by Facebook that most people have been waiting for, for a very long time. This app would help you edit all your old and new comment, photos, and update. But after amending it, it would appear to everyone that your profile as been amended.

Then, I would now go into the main topic; there are some major reasons why they made many changes on facebook, but I would like to mention some of the reasons instead but I would assure you that with this little reason you would be glad to read this article.

Reason #1

They added some of those new features to enhance or to motive most people from been with them. A rumor is now going around that within some period of time facebook would go down if they are not careful. This is one of the reason which I myself has also taught of they made facebook to make some changes that will help them in other for them not to lose their customers.

Reason #2   

They created some of those apps to help people enjoy their product and get customers online, let use the advert icon for example, with the advert icon you can let your product get to many places in the world without much stress.

Reason #3

Some new app are created for people to enjoy things on facebook and also make things easier for them as well, the comment editor and the page app are good example, they are one of the app’s that are used while you feel like not stressing yourself much.

Reason #4

There is a way you can block more friends from adding you as a friend and also block a friend you have before, maybe you are having some grudges with that your friend and you want to get rid of the person, by not allowing him or her to be a friend of yours anymore.

If you want to block the person you would go to your general account settings, click on Privacy settings click on it then go to block people or app, type the name of the person you want to block and click on block then the person would no longer have the privilege or opportunity to chat with you any longer.

This feature is added in other for you to have full access to anyone on your account so far you are the owner of the account.

Reason #5

This would be last reason I would give, there is a dialogue Box by the left hand side of your account, this Box shows how many of your friends that are on chat at the main time, you can use that Box to access to any of your friends that are online at that point in time, you can chat with that person by clicking on the picture of the person you want to chat with.

This is one of the easiest way for you to get reach to any of your friend online. And it was a new feature that was added by facebook to help people to get fast contact.

I hope that this article would help you know how to do some things on facebook and let you know some of the facebook new features.

This article is written by Onibalusi Segun, You can visit this site