Facebook has come up with something extraordinary and this has become the most controversial topic for discussion. The reason why People are really scared about Facebook Graph Search is that it has got serious issues with the Privacy of the people. According to me  Facebook Graph Search is a very dangerous update because using graph search people can see what all activity you have done in the past on Facebook. Anyone can see where did you went last week and did a check-in, which are your favorite restaurants, and much much more. Your  every bit of information will be scanned by Facebook and will be shown using Facebook Graph Search. Here are the Best Privacy Settings for Facebook Graph Search so that your activities will not be at stake. graph search

Step 1: General Privacy Settings

You can open your General Privacy Settings by clicking on the Top right icon as shown below and simply change the settings from “Public” to “Friends” and this will help you to show your updates to your Friends only. This setting will work for your posts which you will after making changes to it. Privacy_settings

Step 2: Review Posts and Tag Items

Click on the Use Activity Log link adjacent to “Review all your posts and things that you’re tagged in.” Make the necessary changes so that you can review the photos before they appear on the Facebook Timeline. You will not able to delete these photos as these photos are added by other Facebook users but you can remove the Tag you want.

Step 3: Limit Past Posts to Friends Only

Click on the link adjacent to “Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public.” Choose to limit old posts to friends — not friends of friends and not public.

These three settings will help you to protect your Privacy and we will also keep you updated if we will encounter any new update regarding the Facebook Privacy and if you feel that any other setting will also help in Facebook Graph search privacy issue please let us know.