Most recently Facebook has added a new search function called as “Facebook Graph Search.” According to Mark Zuckerberg this is the biggest update from Facebook and this feature will be completely developed in next few years. As soon as this feature was announced everyone was stunned about it. This is something which will change everything. Facebook has announced that this feature is in Beta state and will soon be open for all.

graph search

Everyone has got there own view point about Graph Search and its impact. According to me Facebook Graph Search is a dangerous update for those who are into online Business, marketers, Brands, employees, etc. So I am going to discuss in details about what impact it will have on the society and people and why I am calling it as Dangerous :

The Best Product Will Win the Game :

Anything on internet is associated with Facebook. Your like or dislike will change the future of the companies. Your recommendation product depends on Facebook for saleabout the products will lead to the sales of the Product or else companies will never be able to grow. For those companies Facebook graph search will be too dangerous who are not building good quality product or who are not providing good facilities to the customers.

Facebook graph search will show which product is used by your friends, which product they hate, how good was the after sales service. If you are a businessmen and you get clients through Facebook then you must be alert and make your Product and services more efficient.

Moreover for one product you will find many companies, therefore those products will have more sales which will have a good customer feedback on Facebook. It does not matter that your Product is online or offline. People will use Graph search, check if there friends have used it, if yes they will use it or else they will not buy it.

More Pressure on Job Seekers as well as on Employees :

If you are working under some company and you are looking for moving on to a new company, your Facebook profile, your Office lifeconnections on Facebook will matter a most. Companies will simply check if you presently know anyone from there company. Companies can easily track with what all companies you have already worked and much more so you have to take care of everything.

Job seekers be ready to have a tough time. Facebook will tell everything about you instantly. What ever things you have done on Facebook can either go against you or help you to get a Job. Facebook will be your digital resume. Companies can check anything about you using Graph Search and thus you should be particularly concerned about your Privacy.

Worried Google :

Google is know for the quality of its search engine and Google’s whole Business dependent on its search. Facebook being a social media google-sadgiant has already got more than 1 billion active users. This means that one out seven people present on earth is on Facebook. Google was worried from the very beginning about the Facebook Search and Google is now even more worried as Facebook has Introduced something extraordinary with a Bang. Within few years people will shift from searching on Google to search on Facebook as they will find real results, they will find what there friends likes, they will find the products that has very good quality and happy customers which Google was never able to provide to People.

Google can just sit and watch this happening or come-up with something extraordinary to give competition to Facebook or else Google will be a forgotten story after few year.

I am looking forward to know what are your view about this, how do you think Facebook Graph search will have impact on users and whether your Business is at a stake. Do comment Below.