Facebook announced a couple of days ago , a all new layout of Timeline with single column. Facebook explains this to be a more expressive design, allowing the users to show their favorite books, applications, music , pics , likes etc. Facebook has been on a roll of bringing in new small and big changes from long now. Users must have been used to this. But any change to the layout is something that receives mixed reviews from the users. Now as Facebook Rolls Out Single Column Timeline , it pushes app activity to a thinner column on the left while collecting all your posts directly to Facebook on the right.

Facebook Rolls Out Single Column Timeline – Review

This new layout helps you organize the About Page of your profile in a better way , helping you focus on the things that matter to you. The  simple design makes all your stories on the right hand side with all other activities like Music, Apps, Notes, Photos, Likes etc on left hand side. This will help you to read all your stories in a single column with out any distractions with other activities not being a part of your stories.

Single Column Timeline Layout

There’s a new navigation bar just below your Timeline cover that allows you switch between the main view and someone’s About section, friends, photos, and a drop-down list of other apps. If you dive into your About tab, a new Edit Sections menu lets you select and deselect apps and content types to appear on your Timeline and About page.

 Facebook Rolls Out Single Column Timeline – Tips and Tricks

About page is focus here. You can totally give your about page a all new look. The different sections of your About page let you show what’s happening in your life. You can add your runs, the books you’ve read, the movies you want to watch, and more.

facebook new looks

Now to know ” How to Organize your About Page ” , you can check the link below from the Facebook help center . The new layout looks a clear one with stories and your data being arranged in a cleaner layout then before.

Customize your About Page

We are positive about this new change from Facebook. Share your thoughts about the same in the comment section below.